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Matt Williams, Rethinking 1994 Without A Strike

Matt Williams is eligible for the HoME for the first time in 2009. He’s obviously not going to get a plaque on Friday, and spoiler alert, Monday will be the day he receives his HoME obituary. 2,141 more words


The Best Leadoff Hitter(s) Ever

Who’s the best leadoff hitter ever? Rickey Henderson. We all know it. He batted first 2,875 times among his 3,081 games played, or 93% of the time (per BBREF’s career splits). 2,012 more words


Mr. Everything

During our 2009 election, which features the Man of Steal himself, I’ve been thinking a lot about Rickey Henderson’s amazing career. Bill James famously said that we could split Rickey in two and get two Hall of Fame careers out of it. 729 more words


Low Wins, High Value, No Plaque

We all know in our hearts that wins are a faulty measure of a pitcher’s quality. Even some BBWAA voters vote in a more sophisticated fashion than by starting with wins. 1,485 more words


Day 3: The festival finishes strong as bands play on

Nicholas Friedman / Annette Arroyo

The third day of the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival saw many of the acts originally scheduled from Friday night return to the stage to close out the festival. 204 more words


Day 2: Mud puddles hinder festival experience

Nicholas Friedman / Annette Arroyo

After many of the festivities were rained out on the first night of the festival, the crowds came out in full force for day two of the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, but they were hindered by one thing – … 176 more words