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One-Team Wonders

Mr. Cub, Mr. Tiger, and Mr. Padre. Brooksie! Edgar. And, of course, the Captain. Players who no one can imagine in another team’s uniform for one simple reason: they never played for another team. 1,805 more words


Switch To Forward Pays Off For Kevin Liss

PRINCETON, N.J. – Kevin Liss has battled injuries throughout his three years at Princeton. When he returned this season, the Tigers already had set defensive pairs. 365 more words

Princeton Hockey

Blogging 101: Spruce Up Your Sidebar

Today’s assignment: add and/or customize two widgets, one text based and one image based

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Blogging 101

Blogging 101: Spruce Up Your Sidebar

Remember, comments are closed on Blogging U. assignments. If you have a question, or want to share or chat, head to The Commons.

You’ve done a lot so far — published a few posts, worked on your About widget and About page, and dabbled in personalizing your theme.

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The Unique Mr. Cub

With the passing of Ernie Banks this past week, I found myself reviewing his career and thinking about the oddness of its trajectory. Branch Rickey would have traded him. 762 more words


Just How Good Is Adrian Beltre?

Adrian Beltre has a chance to retire as the third greatest third baseman of all-time.

That’s how I began this little research project. If I can show that a frequently overlooked guy from Santo Domingo can retire with more value than George Brett or Wade Boggs, I’d really have something. 1,638 more words