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Mini Lamb Koftas

Mini Lamb Koftas are a delicious, lightly spiced lamb dish that can be served as a snack or part of a main meal. Lamb Mince is combined with breadcrumbs, spices, onion and egg and formed into small patties. 81 more words


Chicken Salad Sandwich Scrolls

Chicken Salad Sandwich Scrolls are perfect for party platters or just as something different for lunch with friends. Smoked Chicken Breast is combined with celery, mustard and mayonnaise. 67 more words


Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls

Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls is a beloved Aussie snack, perfect to serve on Australia Day. Puff Pastry is smothered with a thin layer of Vegemite then sprinkled with grated cheese. 63 more words


Cucumber Potato Salad

Happy Canada Day!

Today I’m sharing a new salad recipe… one that’s particularly nice in the summer, served not just chilled, but really cold. I actually pop this into the freezer for about five minutes before serving it. 152 more words

Catherine Cameron

Muttai Kuzhambu/Egg Gravy

Once in a while my mother-in-law makes this amazing muttai kuzhambu or egg gravy for rice. The gravy that is spicy and tangy, would be perfect with hot rice and when there are a couple of… 498 more words


Mexican Style Sausage Rolls

Mexican Style Sausage Rolls are a delicious twist on the classic savoury snack. Beef is combined with fresh coriander and spicy salsa dip, then enclosed in a layer of puff pastry. 73 more words


Roasted pumpkin with pomegranate and nigella seeds

Ever since I was a kid, roasted pumpkin has been one of my favorite foods. I come from a family of six siblings, so when my mum made a roast dinner, there never seemed to be enough roast pumpkin to satisfy me. 412 more words