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yet all the oceans overflow

fire knuckle
cracks behind
me. i swallow
waiting pop
inside right
ear, left one
taking the pain.
i think night
when she
told my mother, 119 more words


takes a mighty man
one still hard with
plenty of bark on him
tall in his heartwood
stout fearless limbs
turned and ready to
swipe at his sickness… 97 more words


Sidney, Sidney, Sidney!

A rough  night for Sidney last night who could barely sleep because of his bronchitis, which meant that Mama also had a difficult night. So although we are both a bit tired today, he seems to be on the mend and I caught some super sweet smiles. 20 more words


Dear Sick People

Dear Sick People,

Sickness is so not my thing. It probably isn’t anyone’s thing, truth be told. I can deal with being sick. I can deal with maybe one or two people who I am around constantly being sick. 684 more words


Note to Self

note to self: if you haven’t eaten much sugar for three months and then attempt to eat a donut, you will become quite nauseous and vomit.






Ah.. My nose is running, my body feels like I’ve run a marathon and my head feels like it would explode any second. I’m definitely sick!! 45 more words


Favorites' Friday: February Edition

As expected, my beautiful snowflakes, February has proven to be as awful as we all anticipated. Unless you didn’t anticipate it, in which case, you need to plan better next year. 619 more words