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Food for Thought

I’ve come to a place where my health is so important to me. Some people think it’s an obsession, others think it’s kinda cool, but majority of the people I know just don’t get it. 1,099 more words

A Very Entertaining Sick Week

Well, we have dodged the sick bullet for a few months, but the weather decided to do its yo-yo thing again and our family has been sick for about a week.  985 more words


Days In Sickness

When you get sick, it’s usually not something that drags you down into the pits of hell.  It lets you float just above the pits, looking down at what could be your life.   222 more words


Food poisoning or sick bug

Well I had a fairly decent weekend with the twins. Sunday was a tad awkward as my uncle was rude, which was completely unnecessary, when he turned up to my Nan’s house for dinner. 411 more words


Momma said there'd be days like this ...

It has been nearly two months since I blogged; two months of nappies, leaky boobs, baby sick, and love. Woah, has he grown! Tempus fugit. These precious days of new things and challenges, are so wondrous; so poignant. 330 more words

Hospital Yellow And Late Night Jazz

My phone is ringing somewhere downstairs which can’t be a good thing. Not only because I’m in the bath which is where I always seem to be when I get a call, but because phone calls late at night are rarely positive in my experience. 1,047 more words


If You're Feeling Sick, Drink This.

About a week and a half ago I was really sick and couldn’t figure out if it was the flu or allergies or death knocking at my door. 162 more words