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DIY: You Are My Sunshine: Get Well Gift Basket

Sometimes… When we are having just a CRAP week, all we need is a friend to say, “You are my Sunshine!”. This past week, a dear friend of mine has been having such a rough time… one sick kiddo (hospitalized sick) after another. 220 more words

Creatively Homespun

Spring Sickness

It seems although I’ve been in pretty decent health my whole pregnancy, that the spring sickness was bound to get me.

I’m sure most of you know how horrible it is to be sick as is, but when you’re pregnant, times that by two and you will understand how I was feeling. 134 more words

Day 179: the hazards of cuteness

I saw my nieces on Thursday, and it was great. They are, after all, utterly adorable. They were, also, getting over colds. When we left, I made sure to bathe in hand sanitizer, and when I woke up on Friday, I thought I’d dodged the bullet. 17 more words

Blame and shame – an unhealthy game

‘I’m sure it all started when I fell off that bus,’ said a friend who’d been diagnosed with a serious cancer of the digestive tract. 882 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both

Microblog Monday: Sick Central

Do you know what’s worse than seeing your little one sick? Being sick right along with her. Evelyn and I have the stomach flu. Last night was spent cleaning her vomit up every 20-30 minutes, and running to the bathroom in time to make sure my vomit didn’t end up on the sheets like hers did. 153 more words

Single Mamahood

No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

We’ve been waiting for March 23rd to come for the past couple of months now. Why? My husband was about to start a new job.  An amazing position for a great organization.   509 more words


Does God Heal?

I am a 33 year old man who has seronegative arthritis since about age 25. Surrounded by Christians, usually the first thing they say with full of conviction when they hear about my condition is to pray healing over me to rid it once and for all. 1,181 more words