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The View From The Men's Side

Today I spent the first half of the day at the orthodox shul for Shavuos services. Even though the modern part of me isn’t okay with the mechitza, there’s another part of me that doesn’t mind it. 246 more words

Religious History

24 Hour BJOC Fundraiser

24 Hour BJOC Fundraiser

We need your help!

Through an amazing opportunity the Bensalem Outreach Kollel put together an online “chariDy” fund raiser where if we can raise $25,000 in 24 hours, we have 3 matching gifts which means our $25,000 becomes $100,000. 437 more words


As The Shul Turns -- Episode 88

I’d heard a few things from Vic’s wife about C.G.
Can’t say I was surprised.

C.G. found his baliwick; or thinks he has. He must believe everyone in KaKa is as stupid as Pharaoh and the other pin brains on the Board. 231 more words

Does Naftaliyah wear a Kippah?

It’s been a while. A lot of questions have come up in my life because of my transition. Questions about sexuality, relationships, faith, dress, and the list goes on.  155 more words


We're a family...

Last week before shabbat my mother sent me an email.  She shared Rabbi Greenberg’s article with me and wrote, “When I realized what parsha it is I felt for you, <son’s name>,  and the family.”  It was kind of my mother to send this email but I realized when she wrote it, she wasn’t just talking about me and my immediate family. 199 more words


When cheder ends: Family engagement and the future of synagogue-based education

Why do we want our children to continue to learn about Judaism, – why should this ancient religion from a far off place matter to them? 1,104 more words


Walking To Shul With My Dad

By Jeffrey Dunentz

My face felt flushed and I tried to retain my composure. “This is volunteer work. I don’t need the fights, the name calling.” The rabbi sat across from me quietly. 1,892 more words

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