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To those who snicker

My synagogue recently went  through a Rabbinical search.  I am very happy to say that the shul asked each Rabbi a public question which was meant to indicate how they would treat LGBT members or family members of congregants.   438 more words


As The Shul Turns -- Episode 82

I should know better.

Every New Board runs in with a ‘mission’ and ‘conviction’. They get involved in a meaningless, near useless project and expend all their energy. 415 more words

Tales from the concierge

Although sometimes it feels more like the Conciergerie.

There are pros and cons to managing the block.

One, is that, as chair of the management committee and budget holder, I am in charge, which is nice. 1,472 more words


As The Shul Turns - Episode 79

I had been in one of those complicated work situations and was being driven back to Kingston by a person I think is a psychopath. When I told him to drop me at the corner he didn’t, so I opened the door. 719 more words

Shabbat Recap -- Leafy Green Problems

When I left for shul, the weather was clear and cold. By midway through the service, it was snowing hard. By the end, it was freezing rain mixed with sleet. 355 more words


As The Shul Turns -- Episode 78

Karen wasn’t coming, but I called Binns and he was, so I went to Shul. I spoke to the secretary, to my Operative, then sat outside on the bench feeling the peace I used to. 162 more words