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Easter Cakes

Hope everyone is having a great Easter and not too full of chocolate. These cakes are of my childhood. I learned to make then in school. 64 more words


Happy Easter! Chocolate Nests

Happy Easter 2015! These chocolate shredded wheat nests are incredibly easy to make but look fantastic. I replaced chocolate eggs with smaller jelly bean eggs and used mint chocolate for half and praline chocolate for the other half. 13 more words


Fun Ways to Eat Healthier

If you’re just starting out eating healthy, it can seem a little daunting at first. There are so many nutritious foods and so many ways to prepare them. 286 more words


A-Z Challenge 2015 - C is for...Crunchy Nut Glorious Oat Granola

Ok it’s got raisins and dried fruits and nuts, all healthy. And it’s  got clusters of rolled oat granola which sounds healthy too. The end result is that it’s damn tasty, but this is one sugar-filled cereal! 285 more words

Nigel Farage bets he could eat three shredded wheat

UKIP bossman Nigel Farage has hit out against David Cameron after his shredded wheat analogy to explain that he won’t serve a third term. He said this morning: “A real politician is so busy he needs the energy of at least three shredded wheat to keep him going until lunch.”


Shredded Wheat? I thought he said Cheerio ….

The Prime Minister has made what commentators might call an ‘unexpected intervention’ in his own election campaign, by saying that he would soon be off to let ‘fresh eyes’ take over at the top of the Conservative party. 240 more words


Weight Watcher's Cereals Review and the Points Plus System

I have been tasting and testing these two cereals pictured above for Bzz Agent. I received them complimentary for testing purposes, courtesy of MOM brands, the distributor of Weight Watcher’s cereals. 486 more words