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Hitchcat's Psycho

She wouldn’t even hurt a fly…wait…yes she would.

But she would never hurt us…yet…



Assaulted In The Shower (By A Cat)

Bruce (more pictures at the bottom) has an interestingly intense curiosity when it comes to the shower during shower time. He does love hanging out in the tub, but it’s a different story when I’m getting ready to take and then taking a shower. 226 more words

April Showers Bring May Weddings

You guys. I attended six showers this year. SIX. Wedding and baby showers. All I can say is, good thing I enjoy cutesy and dainty because, well, six showers is a lot! 62 more words


Shower, boyfriend and some time by myself

A hot shower at home.
A cute morning boyfriend.
A little bit of time alone.

Part 2, project 6, exercise 1: At home - quick sketches around the house, second round

25 May, 2015. On my second round through the house I tried to have in mind the materials to best transport the feelings associated with each room.  539 more words


Will someone get me a towel!?

How long will a wet, naked child stand in the shower screaming that she once again needs someone to get her some underwear and a towel?

eighteen minutes and counting . . . .