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Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

Something many don’t think much about – but are standard in 99% of all houses (this is not a reliable statistic).

Although many are subtle, and don’t draw your attention away from whatever you’re doing in your neighbours bathroom – I believe this is a missed opportunity to make a statement, a blank canvas waiting to be painted, a chance to add a zig┬áto your zaggy bathroom. 145 more words

Gift Ideas

Modern Shower Caddy - I love my Modern Shower Caddy! - YouTube

If you need a modern shower caddy, you will absolutely love this one. It is sleek, and modern. It will be the only modern shower caddy that you will ever nee… 9 more words

Reduce Your Idiocy

Free Speech: The only problem with free speech is the idiots. This is all of us, I think. I don’t have any statistics but you are an idiot approximately 50% of the time. 459 more words

J-Lo Halo


So i’m just awaiting the wife putting the little man to bed so we can get a shower and i got thinking about showers as a couple. 140 more words

Communal Showering

After exercising, I like to take a shower. We all do right?

Usually, I swim for exercise, so just shower in my swimming costume at the pool, but this year I’ve started to go to the gym more, to run on the treadmill and use the exercise bikes. 474 more words


Momma Needs A Shower

Yesterday I was in desperate need of a shower so came up with the genius plan of moving {baby beetle’s} vibrating seat into the bathroom. … 57 more words