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The Day After Winter

Sunday April morning in New England, I am at Houghton’s Pond, in Canton, Massachusetts.

Even though only it’s fifty degrees, (in reality it’s maybe fifty degrees in direct sun, probably more like forty if you actually checked on a thermometer, I don’t have that app on my phone yet,) people wear shorts, or tank tops, or flip flops. 132 more words

Final Major Project (13th-19th April)

This week i haven’t made as much as i would have liked but nonetheless it’s better than completing nothing. I have managed to make a pair of shorts (rounded pair) and made a start on the rugby ball shaped top. 237 more words


Film Production

So fourth year is a little mental at the minute, lots of projects going on and deadlines to meet… BUT I feel it’s important to talk a bit more about what’s going on with my video production module. 549 more words

Favorite Clothes

I have finished packing most of the things we will need for our trip including our clothes. Getting my husband to commit to a selection for the first day has been a challenge. 341 more words


I wear short shorts... Only not really.

You guys.  You guys.  I haven’t worn shorts since I was about ten years old.  When it’s hot I wear dresses or just deal with the heat and wear pants.   197 more words



We built a fire in the woods using twigs and branches picked up from the forest floor. I lit the fire by striking a match and pushing it into a small pile of kindling in my hands. 299 more words


What if everything you know is a made-up story?

A giant solar eruption destroys almost all the satellites, causing a global failure to all the electronic devices. Such a failure is proven to have an unexpected impact not only on the daily life on our planet, but it seems to affect the perception of reality itself. 175 more words