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Stolen Spring

We sat together under the blue sky

near a tree that stood rather shyly

in the middle of a field of green

it was the only thing to be seen. 189 more words

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We, you and I, used to fish.

It wasn’t to eat or to brag

instead we did it because we had

nothing else to do and fishing used… 353 more words

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The Will of an Old Man, in the Hospital, looking out his Window

It’s raining
how quaint that the
world would cry at a
time like this.
How strange that
such beauty is only
visible to me as… 197 more words

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Wings of Pain

carry me through the wind.
Tempests and gales that blast through trees
crush mountains and force them to submit
bow before this wing I have. 355 more words

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Paper cranes

sit on my window wishing me happiness

but I cannot see them their wishes do

not touch my mind instead I see the sky

and the white clouds and wonder why… 123 more words

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I’ve sought happiness. I’ve tried for so long to

find what it really means

to be alive, and how I can live

without shame, guilt, or regret.   477 more words

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Snow like a blanket; falling

covering, enshrouding everything

just as Death covers all in a veil of fear.

Our lives marked and covered with the simple… 65 more words

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