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A Computer Shortcut that Changed My Life!

I have a hard time remembering when I performed with my full potential not under any kind of deadline or pressure to finish work. What I realized a few days ago was that I was spending about 2 hours a day being non productive (when I was expecting the opposite). 406 more words

Did You Know

Did You Know that you can download videos from YOUTUBE!

Just add “ss” to the URL between WWW. and Youtube.


Tip, PowerShell SHIFT + TAB

So, using PowerShell for years now, last night while watching a course off microsoftvirtualacademy.com, I had come across new tip. One that had made my heart flutter and awakening me from the edge of slumber. 87 more words


What did I learn today: Reorder taskbar icons as per work at hand

Read the previous article to understand how to Pin commonly used programs to taskbar. But recently, I went beyond this. I thought – the order in which these icons are pinned should also matter. 304 more words


an em dash

From the APA Style Blog, I learned again how to create an em dash.

On a Mac, hold down shift-option-<hyphen symbol>

Or just copy it from here: —