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Hairy Stories

I find it extremely interesting. I get a lot of compliments on my hair…it’s pretty crazy. Compliments from family, from friends, from complete strangers. It peaked a couple months ago where it was happening on a near daily basis. 314 more words



A togas worth of ornate drapery in her hair, soft tawny curves lit gold in wandering feline shapes- where pearly cloud-light met in painted fingers the stony curve of one cheek. 55 more words


Every Second Counts

By Chef MethadoneDonor


I am twenty years old as of writing this. I don’t want these words to be destroyed. That is why I am posting these words now. 1,619 more words

Twin Sense

By Chef Youhaveoneday


//Story contains themes of sexual violence.

When Sunny came home there were clouds in the sky. Fitting, I thought. I pressed my nose against the long living room window as my parents barreled down the stairs. 5,268 more words

it involved a knife and a good friend

The past is a patient predator. He is not strong, but he is cunning, persistent, ruthless. He can lie in wait for years, for decades, until you’ve forgotten he was ever there. 365 more words