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Four Words

There are four words in the English language, that when strung together in a specific order causes a man in a relationship to shut down with fear. 542 more words


Fuck! I lose every time I see you. Every fucking time. But, you know, I also win.

Every fucking second by your side is a valuable gift. 40 more words

Back 2 School


I have decided to begin yet another journal, this one will focus on my return to school (institutionalized education).

Yesterday, Friday the 13th was my first day back in college. 2,845 more words


E-Mini Nasdaq, 3/6/15

NQ, Short, Support/Resistance
Entry: 4410.50
Stop: 4450
Target: 4350
Risk/Reward Ratio: 1.53

Broke through the shorter 1-month support line. Going with my ongoing bearish bias on all the indices, with this position in Nasdaq, my portfolio is leaning heavily towards the indices. 58 more words


Update: E-Mini S&P 500, 3/6/15

Short, Position Add
Entry: 2072.25
Stop: 2085
Target: 2033
Risk/Reward Ratio: 3.08

Made a big move down today, breaking through two of the shorter support lines. 11 more words


Attempt at Writing a Short Story No. 1

His long silver hair was pulled back at the nape of his neck, and he donned a silver hoop in his left earlobe. The skin of his face was deeply lined from squinting into the sun, and contrasted the youthfulness of his eyes. 383 more words


You're not built to run ...

So I don’t have the best picture handy but here’s one of me and my little guy around 1.5 years ago (Its blurry, I know).  I’m not sure if I’d be considered a mesomorph but I’m not an endomorph either.   704 more words