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You Won't Believe What I'm Reading Now

I am in some ways never happier than when I’m in a library. It’s just a natural place for me, somewhere it makes sense for me to be, and I think anyone who knows me would agree that if I were to shed all my worldly possessions and set up camp somewhere not particularly needed by other people, like around the oversized, falling-apart books about motorcycles, they would say they kind of saw that coming. 153 more words


HTC One M8 + 365

Here we are.
The beginning of another mass of media coverage on the “new” mobile phone hardware for 2015.

I currently own the HTC One M8 in Glacial Silver. 540 more words


Her Lips Curled

290 Days Left


The word dripped off her lips

like saliva piling up to form a

ball of spit.


Hi there! I guess.

Sooo..here I am. Sitting in front of my computer in the middle of the night creating a stupid blog. Yeah, I said it. This is stupid. 126 more words


Iblard Jikan

Do you like beautiful paintings? Do you like soothing music? Do you like fantasy worlds and world-building? Then Iblard Jikan is the movie for you. 219 more words


He makes me wet and I like that .
Wild as hell , he sets my pussy on fire.
Exotic , wild and raw , I like. 35 more words


Pixels (2015) - Tuesday's Trailer

Starring comedy veterans Adam Sandler and Kevin James, Pixels is War of the Worlds with a twist. When aliens misinterpret old style videogames as a declaration of war, they attack earth in the form of the old-fashioned videogames – including a giant Pacman and a Donkey Kong. 198 more words