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How to Never Change

Do not buy a new car. Do not sit at a different table in the corner café and do not try something new – their cappuccino and quiche will always be the best if you never give anything else the chance to be better.

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Short burst of mint

so today I went hiking…a whole 9 miles which wouldn’t have been bad if I hadn’t been in the gym yesterday and Thursday.

After icing my knees and ankles and laying suspended in soreness…there was one thing on my mind…. 132 more words

(Exslurpt Saturday) "The Minutes" from The Brocken Spectres

There are still five minutes. Five minutes to watch the chrysalis. The monarch. In its cocoon.

Still five minutes. Still five minutes to watch the space shuttle Columbia. 234 more words


A short introduction to social media tools

Tweet Social Media Tool Where do I even start? This is a question that quickly comes to the surface when you take your first steps into the world of social media. 92 more words

We came back home from dinner…. You were tired so you lay on the couch. I sit next to you looking at a really handsome guy, especially in this shirt…. 1,674 more words


Every Damn Time

The first words out of my mouth

are the wrong ones,

and the moments that come after

are the long ones.

Poetry And Verse - Capturing Synaptic Lightning

Love is what we need

We are very emotionally driven.
We perform better for something we want.
Than something we need.
Anger carries us just down the road.
To drugs, gambling, hookers and death. 67 more words