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tao, the gods and love

i don’t know why suddenly, after such a long time, the girl who used to write in another blog some years ago found me. she showed up in my world for two days now.  407 more words



Fantastic, here she comes. This woman looks the size of a whale. Personally, I think it’s the result of the four Twinkies that she eats daily. 547 more words


A friendship remains

The heated summer sun felt like a dry desert; which was sucking all of the moisture from her face. God, I forgot how dry it is out here. 1,260 more words


A distant memory- Ch. 1: Stars are the limit.

A distant memory

(Verbally explicit, contains offensive language. Blood and gore. Sexual content. Alcohol and drug use and content. I believe it fair to warn you. 3,478 more words

Dann Labryth

That First Step: By Sam Bivins

He didn’t fit in among scum of the Earth on their way to Cuba. Maybe they’d see Bayamo, or Havana. Maybe their mistresses would see it with them, provided they were still exciting. 393 more words

Short Stories


My hairline, at the front
Is the crown of a heart
The center is its tip, which I see
as sharpened pencil’s lead 48 more words


"Karen The Lightbearer And The Flashlightbearers" Part One

Disclaimer: This story is about using different translations of the Holy Word. I’m not against all translations of the sacred writ but I believe that we must be careful and pray for discernment on what versions are good to use for daily devotions and bible studies. 1,101 more words