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Imagine this!

You have an exam in fifteen minutes and you are standing before the examination hall. There are hundreds of others, frisking through pages, their eyes looking for confidence through that shaky turn of pages. 303 more words

Short Story - Fiction

Berries In My Pie

“To have a bakery is not an easy task”, said my father. I always wondered why and what made him say that? I saw him wake up early in the morning every day and wear his colorful zentai suite. 768 more words



In this mundane cubical of mine, captured like in cage this paper weight on my table is the only thing I can relate to in here. 889 more words

Short Story - Fiction

Short Story Month: Father's Day

Written by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

Copyright 2015

Father cursed the day I was born, to him it was the worst day in the world. 2,299 more words


A Light to be Seen By: Part 4

He never told anybody about that night.  He simply put his guitar away and went on with his life.  He had three more nights in that room, but the stranger never returned, or the dream didn’t repeat itself.  791 more words

Dark Night; Mysterious Visitor

A Light to be Seen By: Part 3

When he woke again, it was at least mid-morning.  His mind was still asleep, but he could tell without opening his eyes that it was earlier than his usual midday wake-up call.  388 more words

Dark Night; Mysterious Visitor

Tale Of The Suburban Castle

Dusk approached as Jordan hastily parked his car in the church parking lot. He scrambled up the steps hammering the brass knocker into the sturdy oak door that guarded the main entrance. 4,366 more words