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A Light to be Seen By: Part 3

When he woke again, it was at least mid-morning.  His mind was still asleep, but he could tell without opening his eyes that it was earlier than his usual midday wake-up call.  388 more words

Dark Night; Mysterious Visitor

Tale Of The Suburban Castle

Dusk approached as Jordan hastily parked his car in the church parking lot. He scrambled up the steps hammering the brass knocker into the sturdy oak door that guarded the main entrance. 4,366 more words


A Light to be Seen By: Part 2

“You sound a lot like me”, he said softly.  “I sell myself short, too.  What kind of music were you into?”

His visitor drummed slim hands on the back of the chair.  709 more words

Mother And Daughter

Grief from my black market affection

I stood there looking like a retarded bastard, leaning against the frame of the door with my left shoulder while my right hand was squeezing the door handle with a death grip. 1,783 more words

Short Story Fiction

70 Seconds of Love

‘Flick’, the ash drops down. Another drag, the burning end of the cigarette goes bright and I exhale the smoke. Two more puffs and I’ll be there, close to the hit. 288 more words


Something Over My Shoulder

It was a Friday night when Richard, Jacob, Carol, and I had gone out to the movies. They had warned me in advance that The Harrowing… 3,513 more words