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Triptych of Painted Poems

by Camille Pissaro

Wind in the trees
sets leaves dancing.
Down on the ground
skirt stays prim
around her ankles;
flat hat doesn’t fly.

 by James Pr… 106 more words


Playing marbles.

Playing marbles in a drain
While others thoughts lie in Spain
When we were young, diluted orange drink
For toy soldiers, a lake was the kitchen sink… 33 more words


The Survivor In Me

Eye bags, tired body

Life had been draining my energy

Caught up with work

I forgot I had a family

Friends started to wonder

how I survived every single day… 81 more words


Skipping Rocks

Too drunk to go home,
I’ve stayed where I got drunk—
the house of a good friend.

The windows jerk with light,
the rocks from the backyard shine in the driveway— 64 more words



It wasn’t easy,

To hold a tough face.

To show I feel nothing

When I was stained

With pain.



You can’t measure the depth of my lonliness
Nor can you verify my sickness
I feel like a stone laying on the ground, separated from the bunch. 77 more words


The Ordinary Things

Today I feel happy.
So contented with myself
That the ordinary things seem extraordinary to me.

The headlights of the cars on the opposite side of the road… 115 more words