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The Hermit

I need to find new skin to wear
As my present skin is thin,
So brittle when it’s bared,
It cracks around my grin.

But I cannot say farewell… 19 more words



The absurdity of how much I loved you
Made me stop in my tracks
For how could I love somebody as deeply
As the stabs I have lodged in my back… 29 more words


Angry Boy

All the testosterone
has gone to his neck–
the veins worming out
like exposed Maple Roots.

His jaw pouts forward
and this fat lower lip hangs; … 25 more words


Come and Go

She comes and goes gracefully
I see her often
Wondering who is she
Who is she really?
I want to know
What’s she like deep inside…

99 more words

The Amateur

Professionals may not be impressed
By my narrow skills.
As I’ll only ever know one tenth
Of the things they will.

But the experts don’t realize… 19 more words


Bloody Poetry Day 23 of #NaPoWriMo

War Story Bloody broken men crawl back from what we say was an honorable and great thing, war zone.

So today’s prompt for the PAD Challenge… 199 more words

Dark Poems


So many days
I try to write something
But the only words worth writing
Belong to Leonard Cohen.