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A Perfect Day

while my children dream
I sneak in and watch them sleep
a perfect day’s end


Anthropocene in spondee

for Ms Quickly’s March 3  prompt

Greed grows
sews harm
mars all.

Takes, uncaring of the future.
Wastes resources and energy
in wanton consumption
negligent of consequence… 52 more words

Short Poetry

Letter to a killer

Abhra at dVerse tells of the horrendous murder of  a Hindu writer in Bangladesh.  He wants us to write a protest poem.


Cri de coeur… 36 more words

Short Poetry


Something gave me a great
big flashlight for the night;
I’d say a God, if I was a believer.

That celestial body- that mirror,
O’ how brilliant it shown… 61 more words


Untitled #1

Like a punishing undertow
engulfing its next victim
the weight of my emotion
lures me into its suffocating embrace.
No longer forcing
the breath
which guides me… 8 more words



Margo Roby has us thinking about fire – mostly in terror at a runaway fire in the open.  I’m re-blogging one of my old favourites, in honour of our new woodburning stove, which is such a comfort. 43 more words

Life Writing

Excuse Me

I apologize
for the mess I’m in,
and the state of my head.
Because, you see
I’ve gone bonkers
with no net to catch myself… 19 more words