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The Opossum Man

Ricky had been working with animal control for about three years. In that time, had had only really caught about three opossums. They weren’t real problems. 263 more words

Short Fiction

Kissing Just For Practice (Part II)

I never masturbated with a hot dog. I don’t have the slightest clue where that story originated. Countless hours of my life have been wasted pondering every possible avenue of explanation, but nothing ever adds up. 3,116 more words

Short Fiction

Literary Lion -- "Bleeding"


Candy from a Stranger, Part 3

            Allister thrusts the goblet up to my lips with one hand and forces my mouth open with the other. 414 more words


Kissing Just For Practice (Part I)

Shelly Hudson used to be my best friend. I don’t really know when ­­it ended exactly. It started some time during the summer before kindergarten. The details are kind of hazy, but I remember that we met playing… 2,170 more words

Short Fiction

"with special guests" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
5 minutes
From a Baroque to Birdland flyer

“We’ll meet you there,” Andre says, “in the lobby,” and I believe him. 158 more words

Short Story

Finish It #21: Revenge Goes Sour

She checked again. It has to be in there! It was the third time she went through her purse.

“I really need to see your passport!” 694 more words


The Curse of the Scarabs -- Flash Fiction

The Curse of the Scarabs

They’d been digging for days to make way for a new high-rise that would host restaurants on the main floor, businesses on the next nine floors and posh residentials on the upper ten floors. 942 more words