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Up to the Stars by Ossie Durrans

“I’ve been flying now for the best part of twenty years,” he said.

My companion at the bar was a retired farmer with a limp and pretty bad eyesight (except when it came to checking his change.) Naturally I thought I had misunderstood his broad Yorkshire so I waited a minute or two and took a swallow of best bitter, hoping that he would extemporise. 558 more words

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To Lydia, Thank you For Breakfast

“Art. Pain. Existence. You and I. What is the point if not love?”
From The Book of Shameful Tricks by Yan K. Matchaine

To Lydia, Thank You for Breakfast… 3,151 more words

I found a crackling Greek ruins on a patch of dust...

I found cracking Greek ruins on a patch of dust, the colour of shaved timbre. Laden precariously in an open- air sawmill, not far from the everglade blue chimerical water of the inlet, which arcs through the property. 1,298 more words

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"Where Are the Lions and Tigers?"

The ravens ride in chariots
Atop a whirling, prescient breeze.
Rabbits, mice, their compatriots
Fear vicious maelstrom but they freeze.

Bloodthirsty wolves with teeth of steel… 81 more words

Short Fiction

World's Largest Animation Was Shot On A Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 was a phone that featured in the Tron: Legacy film, hailed as the future of camera phones with a Carl Zeiss lens and 8 megapixel camera. 48 more words


The Human Gift (2007)

note: this story was published in the Winter 2008 issue of the Istanbul Literary Review.

ViceCollin fell from the ostensible comforts of his chair when he succeeded yet again in separating his mind from his body. 2,359 more words

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