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By Moni’soi Humes

Everyone wants to watch the stars when they come out at night, but who is willing to become one? Earlier today I was talking to my little brother about success and he really inspired this post today. 162 more words


5: Shooting Stars

As Cece looked out in the distance, she saw the sun-kissed sunset peaking through the wet, leafy trees that were outside her window. She was staring at the sight with awe and whispered to herself, “I made it… I made it through nursing school and I’m going to be a Registered Nurse soon.” She instantly looked at her computer screen and saw her final grade: 90%. 636 more words




Vast green field surrounds Energy. The sun is bright above it, with gentle wind blowing over the hills. Children run across the field. They play with sticks they’ve brought from the woods. 5,680 more words


Chapter 33: Shooting Stars

–Be kind.  Always.–

Turning from north to south at the half-way point on my Rabbit Lane walk, I look southeast toward the mountain peaks still sleeping under the early-morning sky.  1,174 more words


Shooting Stars

Dodecatheon meadia

My five Shooting Star plants are blooming this week, which means you’ll probably start finding them in Southwest Virginia in the weeks ahead. This perennial plant is made up of a rosette of oblong leaves, each about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. 100 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

It's Beyond Me...That's Why We Have Superheroes

So…I know the blog has been sporadic as of late. Life happens – mostly it’s writing college essays which suck all my brain power. Good news: I finish in two weeks! 340 more words

Tuesday 28 April (Day 28 of 30 Days of Biking) 2015. First Shooting Stars

It was 57 degrees F and mostly sunny at 12:30 this afternoon when I took Discovery II out for a ride to Meadowbrook Park to see whether the… 548 more words