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Student life: One of the learning curves of living alone

Okay, so you may think, it’s not that bad, i’ve helped out with chores all my life, I know how to cook and clean, you’re exaggerating. 243 more words


My Favorite Pins

The good thing about Pinterest is that it let’s you escape your current world for a bit and let’s you kind of give your mind a break.   300 more words


My Dislike For The Crocs Shoe

Crocs which I though originally was a fad would die out but unfortunately the clogs are here to stay. They have this fake, tacky look with them and what is up with the holes? 94 more words

When you feel a little down,
And you’re feet aren’t on the ground,
They’re flying all about,
Making people scream and shout.

It’s important to remember, 127 more words

Still Life | The Abandoned Boot!

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By HasanMahmudTipu