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eBay fucking totally sucks balls. Yet another tech company that had a great idea early on, in the Internet’s growth, but has failed to seriously contend years later. 356 more words

Things I Hate

la vie en rose


My sister has recently become obsessed with an article that details what it is to have a narcissistic mother: http://parrishmiller.com/narcissists.html. We have a narcissistic mother. 920 more words


How to Deal With Losing a Baby You Didn't Even Know You Had

1. Spend a lot of time researching the difference between a miscarriage and a bad period

Cause you never know, it could just be something really different from normal… 522 more words

Stupid people must be restricted.

We’re going to have to stop letting stupid people do important jobs. I don’t care how bad it makes them feel. 340 more words

People That Suck

Guardians of the Galaxy Took a Shit on the Universe

The latest mega-blockbuster from unstoppable Marvel Studios was Guardians of the Galaxy. People hailed it as the greatest cinematic achievement since the introduction of the talkie. 909 more words


My phone is an unusual place

One day I’ll post all the random screen shots and saved pictures I seem to have collected and can’t remember my reasoning behind them……It will truly explain my mind… 27 more words

Deck Spotlight: Modern RUG Delver

Story time: A few years back, my friends and I were attending Borås Spelkonvent (BSK, lit. Borås Gaming Convention), a gaming convention with Magic events traditionally focused on the eternal formats. 386 more words