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Obama Regime Knew Al-Qaeda Was Planning Attack in Benghazi 10 DAYS IN ADVANCE

They lied.

They said it was a “protest” not a terrorist attack.

Now there’s more proof that they lied.

The Obama administration knew al-Qaeda was planning an attack in Benghazi to “kill as many Americans as possible” ten days in advance. Read the rest


I'm drunk

So, I am sitting here a little tipsy… correction, a lot tipsy. I am sitting here a lot tipsy listening to the song Work Song by Hozier (Because he is a fucking BOSS). 123 more words


How to Start a New Avant Garde

Daulton Dickey.

  1. set down your pencil, your pen, your phone or tablet, or push away your keyboard
  1. stand up
  1. stretch out
  1. yawn
  1. visit the nearest museum…
  2. 42 more words

blind (n.) : standing before a mirror with your toes digging into the parquet flooring, eyes fixated on the veins on his left wrist and forgetting how once a symbol of beauty and endearment, it spoke of nothing but lifeless vulnerability. 7 more words

I wonder . . .

. . . how much a fella with a pee fetish would pay me to pee into a pitcher, and mix it with Crystal Lite, or perhaps Kool-Aid, then serve it to him. 269 more words



it runs deep

under the sea

in the belly of the beast

a darkness eternal

I have found the horned one

who lives in a cave… 57 more words


Most Expensivest Shit: 2 Chainz @ WCC

Thus far, this season of 2 Chainz’s Most Expensivest Shit series with GQ has found the Georgian rapper taking lavish trips to the zoo with French Montana, smoking a theoretically upscale joint in Los Angeles, and checking out some of the sneaker world’s most prized silhouettes. 100 more words