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Zumba My Ass ... !

Once again he was saddened by the thought that, “She never thinks i’m funny … !“ 274 more words

My girlfriend and I got a very lucky upgrade to Business Class on Emirates' A380 flight. This is how it feels to travel like a king.

Ok, I'm small as shit, but you get the idea.

Yeah, this this undocks and you can actually walk arround and control your seat when walking arround. 17 more words


The big question today: will i or will i not pass????

Today is the first paper, and boy, am i feelin’ like i cant pull through this. There’s this bad bad feeling that you will only get when you didnt finish three big big questions in your chinese paper, and when your essay feels like an eight year old’s narration. 110 more words

Do it! 

You still have a chance tk make the rest of your life better than you’ve ever imgined it would.

Go on. Give it a shot!

Explain this

The truth of the matter is I couldn’t explain if I wanted too. I’m grade a fucked up. I need therapy but use limited doctors and time as an excuse. 53 more words

There aren't many rules in courtship

But you’re just pushing it. Really?

Day 1

You meet. And talk. You ask her out out for a movie the next day.

Day 2… 199 more words


Taking Shits in Public Toilets

I have a tendency to shit in public places.

It’s not like I enjoy putting my ass on toilet seats where hundreds of other women have laid their butts on. 251 more words