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#direct macro

Without editing, without further production and no shit! Directly from the Nikon D7000 with the time options!


Deep Thoughts

Its strange really… You promise not to think dark thoughts but you do anyway. The urge to feel is strong, but theres something holding you back. 142 more words



It felt like hell when you slept
So peacefully like a baby
After I told you that I was sad and
Bawling my eyes out… 44 more words


How do you fill a black hole?

I am sad. Struck with the kind of sadness that chokes you into hysteria; the kind of sadness that moves you to weeping, curled in a fetal position, your shaking knees against your heaving chest. 218 more words

Of Me

Rule 18: Know when you can't do anything

Sometimes life throws shit our way. By shit I mean horrible situations that no one should have to go through, yet most people do at one point or another. 150 more words

Kama the Surfing Pig

I love going to the beach, especially on a hot February evening like today.  Amazing things usually do happen if you decide to leave your house and just experience Hawaii. 466 more words