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Shit that Pissed me Off - 2/27

This Big Long Article on Men’s Rights Activists in GQ

To the credit of the writer, I think he was trying hide his disgust for these guys and file a report that was at least somewhat impartial. 1,489 more words

Shit That Pissed Me Off

Shit that Pissed me off - 2/13

Christian Radio Host Upset Obama Doesn’t Pander to her Faith

There was an interfaith prayer breakfast last week and conservative radio host Janet Mefferd was… 1,133 more words


Shit that Pissed me off - 2/6

A Totally Insane Video By a Gamergater

Brianna Wu is a frequent target of Gamergate supporters because she, rightly, thinks they are idiots. They have countered with death threats because that’s proven to be the most effective way to fight for ethics in game journalism. 1,379 more words


Shit that Pissed Me Off - 1/30

Oklahoma Works to Make Same-Sex Marriage Harder

They lost in the courts so now some legislators are trying to make same-sex marriage harder by preventing judges from signing marriage certificates.   1,283 more words


Shit that Pissed Me off - 1/23

The President Lays a SICK BURN on Congressional Republicans

Listen up Congress.

I know that you guys are all supposed to hate each other and I confess I think the Tea Party Republicans are kind of loony. 1,396 more words


Shit that Pissed me off - 1/16

Pope Says we Shouldn’t Insult Others’ Faith

I know this new Pope is cool and all but he seems to be swayed by Bill Donahue and the Catholic league in regards to Charlie Hebdo.   1,228 more words