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The Cutty Sark made seventeen knots,

From London Town to China.

She used the wind to carry tea.

For a time, there were none finer. 57 more words


Star trek casandra 15.6

“Captain’s log i have alowed commander circut to temporary take custody of the casandra in order to pull off a ruise in order to get to romulous. 915 more words

Star Trek

Rivercity Native

Took these yesterday…that nest is around the back of the house we are working on. Looks pretty cozy up there.

Have a wonderful day!



A Vagabonds Progress (More Than Wanderlust) (Pt1)


/’væɡəˌbɒn, s/


Wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic

Word Origin

C15: from Latin vagabundus wandering, from vagari to roam, from vagusvague 203 more words


(By) Jove Boat!

This is a story of an unexpected voyage.

Inspired by this silly pink Barbie Cruise Ship found second hand.

I think perhaps selling it, as it is in such a good condition, in a much better state than my bank balance is. 275 more words


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