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Broken Hearted.......Please Help

It is with heavy heart and sadness that I have to announce that our co-blogger and long time friend Charles Ryalls has been diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable cancer throughout his body.  130 more words

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Anyone with one Jewish parent a has a right to call himself Jewish: Why patrilineal descent is the more authentic tradition

One of the great schisms in Judaism today is what “rules” we follow to define or identify who is Jewish. This may come as a surprise, but this is actually nothing new. 1,068 more words


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For all those dealing with the issue of Jewish Idenity. Knowledge is power. Know your past, proclaim your future. Be not what you are called, but who you are called to be! Matrilineal Jewish Identity is not biblical, it's halachic. And taken from Roman culture of the time. When studied one finds a stark contrast in regards to matrilineal v.s patrilineal Jewish identity between the 2nd temple period historical writtings and after the destruction and establishment of a formal Christian religion of Rome.

Meet the (Christian) Mockers

I recently watched the movie ‘Meet the Fockers’ again. They wittingly make a mockery of marriage and romance.  Comedy is the cure for almost all sadness, and a person who knows how to laugh at themselves will live longer than a stiff-necked cynic. 618 more words

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Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel

The Pro-Israel candidate –

“I will aways support Israel’s security” – “I will bring with me an unshakable commitment for Israel’s security” “Let me be clear. 245 more words

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Orthodox and Non-Orthodox Judaism

Two Contrary Understandings of Judaism

For American non-Orthodox Jews, who are the vast majority in the United States (the number of American Jews who identify with Orthodoxy at a maximum is 10 percent, whereas something like 75 percent identify with the various non-Orthodox movements) see Judaism from an American religious perspective that has been shaped by the experience Protestant as a matter of personal spirituality and belief first and foremost, which means that Jews must begin by personally accepting the fundamental beliefs and traditions of Judaism in some way but then are free to apply them operationally in ways that they find meaningful and satisfying.

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Shmita Calculations

I’ve been working a Shmita spreadsheed and trying to fit dates to it.  I’ve uploaded a copy of the excell spreadsheet for you to play around with.  73 more words

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