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L'Occitane, "Terasu do Purobyansu" 渋谷

Visible from one of the busiest intersections in the world, L’Occitane’s Cafe “Terrace of Provenance” is a terrace sanctuary overlooking the crowds in the heart of Tokyo. 456 more words

Tokyo, Japan - Part 2

Since I’ve already written about the day of the amazingly awesome Buck-Tick concert I attended, I’ll skip that day and go straight to the next. 402 more words


Day 22 - Tokyo, Japan "Shibuya Crossing, sushi lunch and treats"

I love Tokyo so much, no matter where we went, it was so nice and clean. The food was always delicious and treats were so amazing, I would say better than any French bakeries I tried. 121 more words


Japan - Part 2

As much as this trip sounds like a long vacation I can assure that it is by far the busiest “vacation” I have ever been on. 821 more words


Tokyo Days

{Japanese Trivia: I was researching Tokyo the other day and came across an interesting fact and it reminded me of my SIL so I’m sharing…Tokyo holds the world record for “Most People in a Mini Cooper” On May 5, 2011 21 women fit themselves into a Mini Cooper…just for fun.} 462 more words


Japan Part 9: Awesome Attraction, Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing, A.K.A Time Square Tokyo. That pretty much sums up the whole thing. I was told it’s the busiest intersection in the world. I’m not exactly sure how one would measure “busy” but it doesn’t really matter because you aren’t going there to compare statistics; no, you are going there to marvel at the spectacle that is humanity. 107 more words



I took a walk around the area I was staying at in Tokyo the night before I left to return to Melbourne. Later, two months afterwards, I wasn’t quite sure of posting this along with my other Japan Chronicles series on my website. 42 more words

Street Photography