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Murder-- The Scarlet Thread Running Through Our Lives

In the last 5 -7 years, there has been an exponential increase in interest in the stories of the great detective Sherlock Holmes. This started when a movie starring the great Robert Downey Jr. 593 more words


The Sherlock of the Supernatural

A Review of Jackaby by William Ritter

This book was exactly what I needed after working my way through Wuthering Heights. This book is refreshing. This book is just good YA. 326 more words


A Giant White Bird and A Giant Gin List...London Welcomes The Trading House!

You see people walk, storm, slowly ponder (tourists) even run but one would never gallop around the city.

Until now.

This is the moment I was just about to sip on a raspberry bellini in a carriage being pulled by two fine horses. 678 more words



Who exactly decided that Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock should be lumped together? The Superwholock fandom is one that I just do not understand. The shows don’t have enough aspects in common to be lumped together. 281 more words


Crazy Seinfeld Sherlock Crossover


Who else is tired of waiting for the next series of Sherlock?

I am. But, I know there is the Christmas Special coming out…this year? 4,097 more words

A Variety of Shows

Currently, Naruto is playing on Netflix while I type. I’m only on the first season at the moment, though I have watched this season before, years back. 234 more words

Daily Life

Contemporary Sherlock Holmes part 1

With another Sherlock Holmes movie coming out in the summer, we take a look at other interpretations of the genius consulting detective and how well they have done in recent years. 363 more words