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I've Been Having Weird Thoughts Lately . . .

I’ve been saving this for my last post because Kingdom Hearts is my favorite series by far, whether it be book, game or movie. It’s not influenced by your actions, and your choices don’t change the end game in any discernible way, but the story is honestly incredible. 241 more words

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A Death in The Family

Comic books are not known for their if/then moments, but there was one that is still talked about to this day. A choice that decided the fate of one character, and a choice that would alter the story of an even greater one. 240 more words

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The Heart of Darkness

All of the stories that I’ve talked about have very obvious if/then moments, but Spec Ops: The LineĀ makes them less so. The players don’t even know that there’s a choice to be made, they’re just told to complete a task because that’s what you do in a game. 241 more words

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Virtual Tours

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Turns out you don’t even have to leave your own room to get a tour of a potential flat, hotel, or destination. Some places offer virtual interactive tours such as the one on Sheridan College’s residence… 146 more words

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Year End

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My first year at Sheridan will be coming to a end in just a few more weeks. I received an acceptance into the Bachelors of Film and Television program so I will be returning to Sheridan and . 187 more words

Digital Storytelling


With the current prominence of Marvel’s characters on the big screen, the masses interest in comic books is on the up and up. The once very niche hobby that is comic book reading has now become a mainstream, one that’s being enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. 258 more words

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The Monomyth

This blog is dedicated to the greatest stories ever told, and to be able to say that there has to be a post about The Hero’s Journey/ Monomyth.Every great story, all of the lasting ones at least, follow the same basic story structure almost to the “T”. 240 more words

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