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Poetry Anyone?

I love this guy! He’s really good. Ian Williams is Canadian and teaches at Sheridan College.

Digital Storytelling Example 2

I found another digital storytelling example named “Choose a Different Ending”. It is a video game that I said before, it is not the normal video game which like Xbox and Playstation. 189 more words

Digital Storytelling

Renegade 4 Lyfe

Just last week in our class we talked about branching narratives and designing a story with multiple endings. We discussed inciting moments, where a choice is made and from there any number of things can happen. 266 more words


Choose Your Own Adventure for a Digital Age

A few weeks back I posted about a certain a Hyrulian warrior and the choose your own adventure book that he was featured in. Forcing myself to revisit the story made me not only nostalgic, but also curious as to what a choose your own adventure story might look like in today’s digital world. 315 more words


Digital Storytelling Example 1

I searched many digital storytelling examples and today I found a very interesting one. The name of this digital storytelling is “Just a reflektor”. At the beginning, the website will ask you to open the camera of your computer, so I found this website need audiences to interact with the video which they made. 204 more words

Digital Storytelling

Money, Money, Money......MOOONEEEEHHHHH

Get out of the Passenger seat

Take control of your finances.

Brent Weaver came to the lovely campus of Sheridan and first thing first (not going to start singing the Iggy Azelea song…but it’s going through my head) he came in wearing a bowtie…bowties are cool (nerdy reference to Doctor Who).

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Your health is low, do you have any potions or food?

Around this time last year, Lionhead Studios released Fable Anniversary. Some of my favorite gaming memories are from the original game, so when I heard the anniversary edition was coming out, I pre-ordered it as soon as I could. 257 more words