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Job's Right - The Second Coat comes to the Sunshine Coast

Job’s Right – The Second Coat

It’s a cult of a play…

Wanna know what REALLY happens on a job site?!

When Job’s Right pulled the curtain at The J in March 2008 over 4700 people on the Sunshine Coast had witnessed what could only be described as “a cult of a play”. 295 more words

Performing Arts

Fancy Dress

After the very eventful Friday night, I realized that I have not been handling my emotional stress very well. With that knowledge, and the fact that I am trying to not let my drunken mistakes bother me, I figured I should take Saturday a little more easy. 545 more words


TK-421 Datapad Entry: Day 3

Vortal seeds!  I knew I’d figure out what they were!  I remember hearing stories of them, or rumors more precisely, during my later years at the Imperial Military Academy.   274 more words


Catalina Wine Disaster

Last night was my school’s rugby teams’ Catalina Wine Mixer, based off of the end event in Step Brothers. Last year, I randomly made out with one of the players, so I figured I was due for another eventful night. 511 more words



If Mel is stolidly explaining to someone that she simply cannot lay down in a potentially pathogen-laden stream in the middle of industrial Yorkshire, during a particularly bitterly cold March then you can be reasonably certain that it is not going to be a normal day, by any standards. 716 more words


What Would You Change? The Obsession with Perfect

If you have been with me for a while, you probably have seen at the bottom of my fun facts page that I love doing… 593 more words