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Nice weather outside

Haha, who am I kidding. The weather is awful most of the time; the right time to hit the gym! :D

Bodypump mõjub päris hästi. Viimasel ajal harrastanud BP + kardio kombinatsiooni. 74 more words

The Case of the Big Bang Theory

All rise as a trial against a team that appeared eight years ago and made everyone love them. This is the TV-show that makes fun of geeks, nerds and so-called no-lifers along with the cool and normal people. 754 more words


Quello che il renzismo non dice (110) – Todos somos francescanos da Raul Castro, a Sheldon Cooper, alla marcia Perugia-Assisi. E sul vergognoso attacco a Grillo.

What is physics? It was a warm summer’s evening in ancient Greece…(…)… This is the beginning of the twenty-six hundred year journey we’re going to take together from the ancient Greeks, through Isaac Newton, to Niels Bohr, to Erwin Schrödinger, to the Dutch researchers that Leonard is currently ripping off”.
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The Sheldon Cooper Factor

Those who are familiar with The Big Bang Theory movie series surely know the Sheldon Cooper character. The emphasis here is on Sheldon, not Jim Parsons. 383 more words


Sull’addio di Ferruccio de Bortoli al Corsera: “I giornali devono essere scomodi e temuti”. Del parere di Sheldon Cooper e dell’incipit de “Il vecchio e il mare”.

di Rina Brundu. “Con il tempo, cari lettori, ho imparato che i giornali devono essere scomodi e temuti per poter svolgere un’utile funzione civile” scrive oggi l’ormai ex direttore del Corsera Ferruccio de Bortoli nella sua lettera di saluto.
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