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Autism and Intelligence

I have discussed ASD and the impact (if any) it has on intelligence with a variety of people. Recently, I’ve noticed that opinions are becoming more and more polarised. 1,538 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

Sulla Nuova Fisica e le Science Wars. Sulla dietrologia scientifica e sui fisici teorici “who snap”.

di Rina Brundu. Non sia mai!, non sto per andare a scomodare le Science Wars di una ventina d’anni fa tra gli “scienziati realisti” e i critici postmodernisti a proposito di teoria scientifica e di interrogazioni intellettuali; non sto neppure per scomodare la filosofia popperiana e le complicate divagazioni della filosofia della scienza.
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Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels

Rarely do I post even on successive days, let alone twice in the same day, but I do feel like part of my childhood has died this evening.

Happy trails, Mr Nimoy.

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Famed actor and science-fiction icon Leonard Nimoy passed away today at the age of 83. Known primarily for his role as Spock in the popular television series… 82 more words

Keeping Your Wits About You

I have a fear of losing my mind. Not in the crazy sort of way. It’s the fear of not being able to learn. Not being able to retain the information I feed it. 873 more words

For Once, Rocks aren't Boring

Good evening, dear readers!

I’m taking a mini study break in the library. My coffee-fueled brain has pulled up three tabs, all articles revolving around the poet Mary Oliver; I’ve got several new Oliver related backgrounds in my photo library; my boyfriend has been cursing Windows 8 on his laptop–it’s not as user-friendly as Windows 7. 316 more words

Book Reviews

What Would Sheldon Cooper Do #WWSCD

Dear Family,

I lost last weekend to a really rotten cold. And before anyone tells me, I know blogs don’t have hashtags. (Do they?) But this is coupled to FB and I might tweet the link and…   Is there a #WWSCD hashtag?   403 more words

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