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#BBT Deism

Dr Sheldon Cooper: “Tell him Dr. Cooper feels that the best use of his time is to employ his rare and precious mental faculties to tear the mask off nature and stare at the face of God.” -

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Barney Stinson and Sheldon Cooper as Positive Biblical Examples?

With today being a special day for me, the release of All You Want to Know about the Bible in Pop Culture, I thought I’d cheat a little and include something taken straight out of the book. 569 more words


Just another lovable quirky genius? (Maybe, not so much.)

One of Jim’s therapists told us, years ago, that he almost felt badly when Temple Grandin emerged as a spokesperson for Asperger’s Syndrome.  Now, he said, everyone expects individuals with the diagnosis to be quirky geniuses. 1,044 more words


The Pajama Game (Without Doris Day)

I’ve never been one for frilly lingerie. Lace itches. Rayon makes me break out. Satin spots if you drool. Cat claws make pulls in silk. And I don’t really see the point in nightwear that you put on with the intention of ripping off moments later. 540 more words

What's life without Whimsy?

The time before and the time after a human being gets all entrapped in the chains and fetters of the materialistic world, is a beautiful time.

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The science behind memes

Ahh, gotta love memes these days… It’s a social phenomenon that the new generation has already gotten used to. But let me just recap what a “meme” is for those who might not be entirely sure. 517 more words

Social Psychology

Why I Think Sheldon Cooper is Autistic

Everyone who watches The Big Bang Theory knows that Sheldon Cooper is strange yet funny. What’s behind his idiosyncrasies? Read on to hear why I think it’s autism… 364 more words

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