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Fave Clips: 101 Yes :)

How cute to see Sheldon say “yes” with conviction.


Jim Parsons' understudy -

Yes, of course, I have identified the other six.
If they all substituted in the same episode, we would be watching
‘The Our Gang Theory’. 27 more words


Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper's Grilled Cheese

Sheldon: Thank you for carving a smiley face in my grilled cheese sandwich.

Mary: Oh, I know how to take care of my baby. His eyes came out a little thin, but you can just pretend he’s Chinese!

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The Big Bang Theory

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sheldon Cooper

We all know Sheldon Cooper as the childish, extremely intelligent and socially awkward person that he is. Alongside his rather condescending attitude towards his peers, addiction to print shirts and obsessive compulsive knocks; he partakes as, hit TV series: The Big Bang Theory’s, biggest cast members. 951 more words

For Public Consumption (As They Say)


“I said this was dumbness, I said I am doomed but do you listen noooo,…………….you are driving me to the crazy”

“Because my face is known if I am seen by any Boov I am 100% popular for being arrested” 12 more words


12 Reasons why homosexuality is not acceptable

1. BECAUSE God is not down with it.

2. BECAUSE it is bad Luck to all who lay eyes upon them

3. BECAUSE their money is no good… 219 more words

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