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The House of the Holy

She set out on her walk as night drowned out the fading light. It had been a trying day, filled with minor irritations and frustrations which, to a well-rested mind, would have been long forgotten. 1,011 more words


Cold Feet

It is a measure of Sheila’s trust in me that she would trudge  all the way across the snow drift that has had her cooped up all this time and come out for a walk.   271 more words


Seeing Jesus' face on your toast is perfectly normal - sort of

Researchers have found that the phenomenon of “face pareidolia”–where onlookers report seeing images of Jesus, Virgin Mary, or Elvis in objects such as toasts, shrouds, and clouds–is normal and based on physical causes.

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Sheila Snores

Did you know that? She is a great old snorer. Though you will only hear the snoring if you creep very, very quietly into the barn with ears at the ready. 509 more words



Having come a long way since 2007 with his debut album, Panic Prevention, which introduced Sheila” to the world. Jamie T’s most recent album… 155 more words


Sheila Radziewicz’s story

Do you know Sheila Radziewicz? This is a very motivational stroy. About Sheila. Sheila’s story is about making the impossible to be the possible. She was born with a rare congenital disorder called TAR (thrombocytopenia absent radius). 216 more words


A lovely garden on a very very hot day

In preparation for a series of blog entries on my business site, I spent a few hours in the Company’s Garden yesterday. I needed good quality photos so I asked my friend Sheila to come along and take some. 725 more words

Cape Town