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Day 696 The Nap

I’ve finally had a nap.  This week of consecutive lunch and dinner dates has thoroughly exhausted me and when we arrived back in Putney to Jackie’s house I quietly excused myself from the watchful attention of Jackie’s extremely fast moving almost toddler but not yet walking granddaughter while Jackie was on the phone and Daniel doting. 309 more words


A murdering bastard

Nothing more sad than a reformed licentious girl. All the ink, piercings, and mannerisms of her former proclivity still very present. Hair, platinum and purple, a great combo at the rave, not so much at this local watering hole. 499 more words

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Pregnant Pigs?

How do you know when your pig is pregnant?  Well, for a start she will not come into heat again. The signs of heat for the big Hereford Pigs are very obvious but for the Kunekune? 503 more words


Sights - Episode 1


One- The Announcement

I stared at Chioma as if she had suddenly grown another set of ears or maybe that mouth of hers that had been running non-stop for the past ten minutes was tumour ravaged. 1,344 more words

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0799 Sheila – Tommy Roe (1962)

This song was written and recorded by Tommy Roe in 1960. It was released as a single credited to Tommy Roe And The Satins. The B-side was… 113 more words