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Sheila, Again

Is a liar

It says
She left me

But she is always here
Exactly as she was

Long ago

Original Poems

an old soul

I had such great ambitions about writing two posts a month or more in this new year…which isn’t so new anymore…

Hum. Oh well.

The year has been great so far! 408 more words

Thoughts on the Sheila Kearns Case

If you don’t know about the Sheila Kearns case, you may either look it up or not.

My instinct is that this is a heavy sentence which will either be reduced, or which is meant to send a message. 203 more words

New category: "She's a mom"

Thursday me and my sis posted this article. It was all about how we work together and how my sister helps me on the blog. As you might have read, I told you, you might hear more from her. 133 more words


The House of the Holy

She set out on her walk as night drowned out the fading light. It had been a trying day, filled with minor irritations and frustrations which, to a well-rested mind, would have been long forgotten. 1,011 more words


Cold Feet

It is a measure of Sheila’s trust in me that she would trudge  all the way across the snow drift that has had her cooped up all this time and come out for a walk.   271 more words