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Cristofori's Dream: Why Is This Legendary Song So Moving?

This has got to be one of my favorite songs to just listen to & get lost in. Especially, when I am walking in the park, reading certain books or around nature’s beauty. 158 more words


Proper Care and Feeding: Miscellaneous Classroom Equipment

Music classrooms are unique from other classrooms in that they don’t have the standard desks, chairs, and annual textbooks.  Instead they have music stands, risers, posture chairs, sheet music, and various other pieces of equipment that are necessary to provide classroom music education.  1,058 more words

Music Education

WWI Sheet Music

Musical notation for Western music was handwritten in manuscripts during the Middle Ages and throughout most of the Renaissance. As machine printed music became more widely available, more individuals began playing instruments at the amateur level. 215 more words


Getting my Music Geek On

The world of classical music has changed a lot, since I was last playing on a regular basis. I mean a lot.

Example 1: When I got my viola repaired I purchased a backup-bow. 682 more words

Hi Tech



Tablet-based full replacement of paper-based sheet music including storage, archive, distribution in bands (vocal, brass, wind, string) with copyright protection.

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