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April 2012 - Week Three

Saturday night I joined Marina and her mother to spend Easter Sunday with them.  Around 5:00PM we came back to the house, planted a fig tree, and fenced in some oregano we found growing against the north side fence.  398 more words

New Old House

Detailing / Notes for Weather Barrier

*Updated 3/25/2015: So, we’ll be using the Prosoco Joint & Seam at the OSB joints, and Fast Flash at the openings. In lieu of doing the (expensive) total coverage of the OSB with the Prosoco CAT5, we opted to use a Tyvek Drainwrap for our water barrier ( 308 more words


Weather Resistive Barrier

Okay, I think this is the third time I’m updating this post! I think this is one of the trickiest elements of the house! I was sold on the Prosoco R-Guard system after watching Hammer and Hand’s video on it ( 421 more words


Pre-stressed concrete ? Don't be stressed .


The concrete is strengthened by adding reinforcement bars. But RCC has its own limitations such as higher depths for increased spans. Pre-stressed concrete is a modern day marvel which is a boon to the construction technology .Whenever we think of a large span of beam or slab, invariably , we think Pre-stressed sections. 643 more words


Sheathing: The First Walls on Our Tiny House

Sheathing provides lateral rigidity and a weather barrier to the exterior of a home. It also provides a clean surface over which to apply siding. We used ½’’ OSB (Oriented Strand Board, I had always just called it particle board) over the walls. 211 more words

Tiny House

Sheathing, A Little More Progress.data:text/mce-internal,%3C%21--more--%3E

Hey Yall, We’re back!!!

We went and put us some plywood down!!!  Hee Haw!!!  Big red sure does look good Hauling this beauty!  If you keep on scrolling down, you will see we have placed our sheathing ! 150 more words

Tiny House

Roofing 101

Hire it done.

When that is not an option, call in your friends and hope the weather holds. And when it doesn’t, buy tarps.

Before I begin writing about this project, I do need to mention how grateful I am for everyone who has pitched in to help this past weekend. 791 more words