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Architectural Abstraction: What is it?

Valentine’s Day Massacre – 44×66 inches

When did you veer into this geometrical style?

Actually, this style is a rebirth of my original geometric abstract style that had no name nor limitations.   552 more words


Miley Cyrus Painting Interview

Why did you decide to paint Miley Cyrus?

For one thing, I had a show to do 16×16 with some red in it.  Miley seemed to be a good fit.   637 more words


Interview on "Da Worm and Nuke Kid on the Block" painting

Originally uploaded March 2014; hacked and taken offline; reposted

Why did you paint Dennis Rodman on the North Korean Flag?

Well, I saw this interview of Rodman going to North Korea and playing basketball for one of the most hated dictators in the whole world, it was a total bizarre story that I knew I had to paint as soon as I saw his interview. 522 more words


Interview of LA Art Crasher Artist - ShawNshawN


Credit: ShawNshawN.co

The artistic journey of artist ShawNShawN is one that has been molded by travel, culture and class systems. “My journey started with traveling at a young age. 671 more words


Interview of "Misty Masses and Merciless Mao" painting

So why did you decide to paint a second time the June 4th “incident” as the Chinese government calls it?

I thought about what might have gone through the heads of the leaders rolling tanks over civilians as a way to restore order.  414 more words