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Miley Cyrus Painting Interview

Why did you decide to paint Miley Cyrus?

For one thing, I had a show to do 16×16 with some red in it.  Miley seemed to be a good fit.   637 more words


Interview on "Da Worm and Nuke Kid on the Block" painting

Originally uploaded March 2014; hacked and taken offline; reposted

Why did you paint Dennis Rodman on the North Korean Flag?

Well, I saw this interview of Rodman going to North Korea and playing basketball for one of the most hated dictators in the whole world, it was a total bizarre story that I knew I had to paint as soon as I saw his interview. 522 more words


Interview of LA Art Crasher Artist - ShawNshawN


Credit: ShawNshawN.co

The artistic journey of artist ShawNShawN is one that has been molded by travel, culture and class systems. “My journey started with traveling at a young age. 671 more words


Interview of "Misty Masses and Merciless Mao" painting

So why did you decide to paint a second time the June 4th “incident” as the Chinese government calls it?

I thought about what might have gone through the heads of the leaders rolling tanks over civilians as a way to restore order.  414 more words