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Movies You Need To Know About: Cooties

Rainn Wilson (The Office) leads the charge in this brand new take on Zombie movies. That’s right it’s another zombie movie which means half of the people reading this just rolled their eyes, the other halve’s are wide open. 139 more words


According To Simon Pegg, Superhero Movies Are Dumbing Us All Down

Over the past two decades, Simon Pegg has become somewhat of a poster boy for geeks all over. To add to his credit, the Shaun of the Dead… 272 more words


Top 5ive Zombie Pop Culture Items: Jeremy

***Warning: Very gory, gooey, graphic content in this clip.***

5. “The lawnmower scene” from Braindead (a.k.a. Dead Alive). Anyone familiar with Peter Jackson’s career should recognize that he is a fan of excess (the combined running time of the director’s cuts of the Hobbit and LOTR trilogies is something like 30 hours). 488 more words

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Top 5ive Zombie Pop Culture Items: Matt

5. World War Z: No other reason I have this on my list other than it is a really entertaining and action packed ride of a film. 330 more words

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Maggie's Pick: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen + Shaun of the Dead clip

Two Queen songs in a row? It’s Finals Week, so (within reason) I’m allowed to do just about whatever I want as long as all the tests get taken and the projects get completed and turned in. 36 more words


'Absolutely Anything' (2015): Simon Pegg Is Absolutely Irresponsible

If you’re on an intergalactic alien council, and if test Earth’s worthiness by bequeathing godlike power to one member of humanity selected at random, you could do worse than picking a benign Simon Pegg character. 271 more words


10 British Films That Changed Everything

With Hollywood blockbusters often dominating the big screen, raking in those record breaking profits and generally providing an all matter of entertainment, it can be all too easy to forget about home-grown talent and the brilliance in the humble British film. 2,011 more words