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Sharyn Smart talks with Clown Doctors New Zealand

Founder, CEO and Creative Director Professor Thomas Petschner’s ultimate utopia is for clown doctors to be in every hospital as part of the hospital’s daily routine. 973 more words

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Sharyn Smart talks with Fireman Graeme Hill

Engulfed by 800 degree flames and having his naked body wrapped in glad wrap are vivid memories Graeme Hill will never forget.  Nearly four years after receiving his life changing injuries he talks about what happened and what he still endures. 2,180 more words

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Sharyn Smart talks with Nigel Latta

Nigel Latta’s new TV series is focusing on the big issues currently facing our country and aims to get everyone talking.

The first episode titled “The new haves and have nots” aired on Tuesday 29th July with immense positive feedback from the public. 1,702 more words

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Inglewood art gallery changes with the times

Ironically two of the artists who were part of the first exhibition held at the Fritz Reuter Gallery could also well be the last.

Taranaki photographers Margaret Bake and Derek Hughes were joined by Adam Buckle and Helen Wilkin ten years ago at the official opening of the gallery named after a ship which brought the Polish settlers to Inglewood in 1876. 354 more words

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Sharyn Smart talks with Dean Probyn

“I don’t let my chair dictate my life.”

Dean Probyn lives his ‘One Life, One Decision’ motto every day since a car accident in 1990 left him a tetraplegic. 1,927 more words

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Sharyn Smart talks with Guy Vickers

My unexpected ‘flight’ while exploring Mt Taranaki

A year after a serious accident on Mt Taranaki Guy Vickers reflects on the accident that he feels could have easily cost him his life. 3,319 more words

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Sharyn Smart talks with Margaret Bake

Prominent retired Taranaki Photographer Margaret Bake proves that she has many strings to her artistic bow as she shows her work in an exhibition aptly titled “From pixels to paint” with friend and artist Derek Hughes. 2,438 more words

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