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Sharknado - 3/10.

Nowhere near as much fun as it should be.

I love Snakes on a Plane and I also really love Troll 2 so I am not against ‘bad’ films as a rule. 254 more words


What do you think is going through Norman’s mind here?

Skatz: He was just doing some guided meditation, breathing and repeating his mantra (the word “moist”) to get into character for the audition for Sharknado 3: Attack of the Horse-Headed Humans… 44 more words

David Hasselhoff Promises 'Sharknado 3' Will Be 'The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen'

David Hasselhoff, who we recently learned will be starring in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No as Ian Ziering’s dad, has made some pretty serious claims about the latest chapter of everybody’s favorite TV movie franchise about tornadoes with sharks flying in them. 214 more words


Doug Camilli: Celebs, firms grabbing dot-rude-word domain names

Enough already with .com and .org! Starting June 1, you’ll have hundreds of other options for your “top-level-domain,” or TLD. Companies are rushing to buy up certain names, 515 more words


Sharknado 2 (Film Review)

Of course, Sharknado is one of the cheesiest, and most ridiculous TV films ever made.

Which, naturally, means that it is quickly becoming a cult phenomenon (one way to tell is the increasing number of cameos in this second film), and is already spawning a trilogy, in which our heroes must fight off multiple tornadoes filled with people-eating sharks. 509 more words


Ian Ziering wants Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley to help him fight sharks in Sharknado

If you ask Ian Ziering whether it’s OK to skip work—or school—to watch the NCAA tournament, he sounds a lot like his most famous character, … 612 more words