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My Friday Night

Just thought to share this. Instead of playing destiny tonight, I watched Sharknado (I really had to convince my tablet that was a real word) … 31 more words


5 For Friday: 5 Bad Movies Made Better With Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage makes some bad movies. That’s understood, but lost in that fact is the fact that Nicolas Cage makes bad movies even better. If you tell me that Nic Cage is in a movie, I’m already interested, even if it’s in that “I’d love to watch a trainwreck (too soon)” sort of way. 768 more words


Nazis, Zombies... and Flying Sharks!

Sky Sharks [Facebook] is a German project currently being crowd-funded via Kickstarter (here). The campaign ends on Monday, June 15 and, if successful, the film, directed by… 278 more words

Horror Movies

WEATHER ALERT: A 'Sharknado' is Bearing Down on Riverdale!

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

First, Archie Andrews met The Punisher. Then, this year, the crew from Riverdale went up against the Predator. Now it looks like Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe is about to get hit with a bit of bad weather…a Sharknado to be exact. 328 more words


Z-list filmmakers look to Twitter, Facebook for stars

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Looking for a tattooed demon to be killed by an undercover virgin in your sex club? Well, as any good horror film producer knows, the best place to look these days is on Facebook and Twitter. 581 more words

Cannes Film Festival

Doug Camilli: Bo Derek and some sharks, now that's a movie!

The Sharknado series already has a lot to answer for, and now there’s more: Sharknado 3 will include Bo Derek, as the mother of Tara Reid’s character. 464 more words


This will really grind your gears... And better yet: they meant to do it!

I am not OCD, but I sympathize with those who are.

Last night, I had to suffer through one of the most painful experiences of my life, only coming in second to when a set piece and ladder fell on me during a show. 601 more words

Defying Gravity