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Reconnection....in so many ways :)

Eco Yoga Park outside Buenos Aires, is one of many in over twenty five countries. The aim is to provide a community based experience in a natural environment where you have the opportunity to get involved in anything from bio-gardening to eco building. 2,669 more words


No Rhyme in WriMo

We all live in a world of procrastination, and we’re all definitely guilty of procrastinating. The internet is a breeding pool of it. With so much content at our finger tips, it’s very hard to be able to focus on one thing. 226 more words

Educating the Whole Child

The article linked below says a great deal about where we are in education today and, I believe, what still remains so very wrong in the system (regardless of which country you’re looking at). 467 more words



I am writing this blog to share some sensitive things that I’ve always hid thinking that sharing them will make me weak. Yet now that i have suppressed these thoughts for almost 18 years, keeping them inside is the thing that is weakening me. 8 more words

First Blog

Tip 6: If You Need to Vent, Then Vent

Citizens of the world! I, give my salutations( I can’t believe I just used that word) to you today and my…….I really did not think this through. 645 more words




I have always been deeply moved by this video. I connect with the pain in the movement, and the words in the song..   so thought I would share.


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