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Sharing Sunday - Wulfa's Story Part One

Today’s Dreamer is a fellow NaNoWriMoer. I can’t remember how we got close but it happened along the way, he’s part of the reason as to why I’m building up a tolerance to beer again. 2,126 more words


Sharing Sunday - Wulfa's Story Part Two

Part Two

The door swung open easily and Wulfa immediately tried to back into the corner as he saw an inferno of raging flames. Julian looked at the flames in shock and coughed loudly before covering his mouth. 1,644 more words


Sharing Sunday - Our Own Chaos

Today’s Sharing Sunday Edition is one of my online besties. Ru (as she has dubbed herself!) is an amazing and talented writer and I always get so giddy about everything that she writes. 1,784 more words

Sharing Sunday

Sharing Sunday - Awakening - Part Two

Awakening – Part two

It seemed that Saria’s latest mood swing included not waiting for her mistress to make her mind up, and before Lothiriel could do anything, the deathsteed had begun in the direction of the screams. 2,403 more words


Sharing Sunday - Awakening - Part One

Today’s dreamer is a friend I met online! Heather is one of those rare gems you find who you can chat at and get what you’re saying, even though there’s an ocean separating you. 2,834 more words


Sharing Sunday - Grief

The next dreamer on the list isĀ Jerrie. We share a mutual acquaintance in the form of retail jobs and had a swell time sitting next to each other in class (oops sorry to the lecturer who shall not be named but we were sort of mean). 1,143 more words