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From Paper to Published #2

Concerning hobbits…..

Just kidding!

Concerning query letters. They’re not nearly as awesome as hobbits.

Query letters are tricky beasts. Your query letter is the first step in trying to get a literary agent. 905 more words

Shaolindian Tales

Evangeline Wickham

Name: Evangeline Wickham
Race: Halfbreed Fire Elemental
Occupation: Blacksmith

“How pathetic you were defeated by a half-breed child.”

My OC.
Copyright belongs to Tae McDaniel.

Shaolindian Tales

From Paper to Published #1

I used to think that writing my book would be the hardest, creative thing I would do.

What a silly woman I am.

Writing a query letter, landing an agent; THAT is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. 789 more words

Shaolindian Tales

Lilianna Clearwater

Name: Lilianna Clearwater
Race: Water Elemental
Occupation: Water Seraph, Protector of Estellias

“This is only the beginning. Something much bigger is going on, beyond a mad king and his crumbling kingdom.” 24 more words

Shaolindian Tales

Ashling Firestorm

Name: Ashling Firestorm
Race: Fire Elemental
Occupation: Fire Angel, Protector of Estellias

“I may be captured, but I am not defeated until I am dead.” 23 more words

Shaolindian Tales