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'Happyish' Gets Preview After 'Shameless' Finale On Showtime

Showtime will sneak the pilot for its new comedy Happyish on Sunday, April 5, following the season finale of hit dramedy Shameless. The move should provide solid sampling for the new series as… 220 more words


Commercial Break #21

It was spring and now, winter is coming! It is almost symbolic considering the fact that Game of Thrones starts next month and like so many others, I’m pretty darn excited! 1,096 more words


Can a Rape Plot Ever Be Funny?

“But instead Shameless did what it always does: blend the comic with the tragic. When Matty accuses Deb of date raping him, she responds brightly, “We were on a date?!” And his exasperated “Friends don’t date rape friends” aims for exactly the kind of dark humor we’ve grown to know and love from…

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Tackling TV’s rape problem: Why “Broad City” and “Shameless” could change how we talk about sexual consent

“But “Broad City” and “Shameless” stand out in my mind for, over the past month, offering up story lines about consent that are not dramatic, but…

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Moonlight Cross-Dressing

I stand on a precipice.

I find myself doing something that may not be helpful, just silly and egregious (too much). I want to promote a place that provides female fashion. 948 more words


Shamelessly Looking for Something Else: Real Talk About Pay TV Gays

HBO announced today that it was pulling the plug on its sophomore drama, Looking. The network says it will button the series with a movie. 787 more words