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Appropriate use of the word "FAT"

Did you know there are unspoken rules to using the word “fat”?  I didn’t either until I was no longer considered “fat” by the people around me. 279 more words

Plastic Surgeon

Children Forget The Rules--Watch This.

I stood on the sidewalk in front of my house with a few of my neighbors. As a group, we collectively held our arms over our chests, trying to contain hearts pounding with worry. 364 more words


The Days of Shadows

I wish it would go away
The dark shadow that’s engulfed us
The ambivalence of right or wrong
This curse that has wounded us

Painful, shameful, and filthy… 75 more words

We humans can be such assholes sometimes.

I know, that’s quite a pessimistic statement, or self-defeatist. But, you know what? It’s true. We have room for such compassion, creativity, and love. What do we decide to fill that room with? 954 more words

Bettering Yourself

Shaming G-d vs. shaming people

Somebody told me the following story: Shabat morning service at a festival, a crowd of people who usually pray in different (orthodox) settings, in a small room with a mechitza. 314 more words

Jewish Community

The post of shame

Hello. I am so sorry. It’s B here, and there haven’t been any posts because of me. It’s my fault. I am sorry. I do not want to make it an excuse but it has been a little crazy lately. 326 more words


Gut Guilt: Wisdom from First Grade

When is the last time you did something truly wrong? I’m not just talking about making a decision that you feared offended someone or upset them. 608 more words