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The price of oil has jumped—but look for a flood of cheap fuel to beat it back

Oil prices rose today after five straight days of declines, but traders may finally be understanding that they have been inflating them for two months for no economic reason: the world is awash in oil, and the cost of drilling for more is lower than it has been in years. 370 more words

Dealing with the world as it is

Keith Hudson

An arresting photo in a recent business supplement shows a floating oil rig temporariy moored in Seattle harbour prior to being towed to the Arctic, very probably to the Chukchi Sea mentioned in my post on 28 April.  822 more words

Saudi Arabia, Russia declare victory in the great oil contest of 2015

Six months ago, when OPEC decided to keep production steady in the face of a collapse in the price of oil, analysts guessed that Saudi Arabia might be trying to flush out the new competition that had cropped up in recent years, like American-based shale gas producers. 493 more words


When fracking does mix with groundwater

Although claims that fracking (and we speak quite specifically of the process of creating fractures in oil- or gas-bearing strata, not the overall process of petrochemical production) polluted groundwater are legion, the reality has been clouded for quite some time.   220 more words

Shale Gas

New decision dates for Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking applications

Cuadrilla’s plans to frack at two sites in the Fylde area of Lancashire will be decided at the end of June. 277 more words


To Frack or not to Frack?

Supporters of fracking say it could be the future of the energy industry in the UK, allowing more access to natural gas and oil than ever before. 53 more words


Pores in Shale Plays

Following on from Duncan Findlay’s guest post of last week, we are pleased to bring you one from Emanuel Martin, an Argentinian Petroleum Engineer who has written some excellent posts that I found on LinkedIn. 998 more words

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