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Session Four: Week 32


Today we were excited to welcome a camera crew to our group. They are filming a project that will be posted online, and you can be sure that I will share it here when it’s ready! 1,262 more words

Shakespeare In Prison

Session Four: Week 31


We were pleased today to welcome back two members of the group who had had scheduling conflicts but worked them out. Both of these women were in the group in its first session and provide great perspective on the work this ensemble is doing, not to mention wonderful individual contributions. 603 more words

Shakespeare In Prison

Stay true

By Camila Abisambra

Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden where they had a section dedicated to William Shakespeare. Considering this is his birthday month and the garden was so breath-taking and inspiring, I got inspired by one of my favorite lines by the Bard. 221 more words


Why is Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters Such an Enduring Favourite?

Past a certain point, my praise for the stories of the late great Terry Pratchett becomes pleasingly repetitive. Humour, humanism, quirky invention and offbeat observations – it’s there in everything from… 512 more words


Happy birthday, Shakespeare!

451 years ago this month, William Shakespeare was christened in Stratford-upon-Avon, so here is a poem to commemorate his birth.

I love this sonnet. The gist is, “Words can’t describe how beautiful you are, or how much you mean to me.” It reminds me of Darcy’s reply to Elizabeth’s accusation, that “A man who felt less might .” As someone married to a relatively silent man, I know firsthand that a person can feel deeply but say little. 180 more words


What did we miss last weekend?

Lovely weekend the last one, wasn’t it? Among all the events that London hosts everyday, the three most important occurred last weekend are: Shakespeare’s Birthday… 129 more words