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Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 30: A Discussion About Performing Speculative Fiction with Kate Story

In this episode of Speculating Canada on Trent Radio, Kate Story joins us back in the studio to talk about the other part of her multifaceted spec fic persona – her role as a performer. 232 more words


Shakespeare Saved My Life, Laura Bates

I have a confession to make. As odd as this sounds, I have wanted to volunteer teach in a prison for quite some time. In college, a good friend of mine introduced me to his mother who was a librarian at a juvenile center. 538 more words

Book Musings

No "Sarding" in Shakespeare*

Please forgive any typos in this post. My eyeballs fell out of my head when I saw this story about whether to sanitize the anti-Semitism, racism and sexism in Shakespeare’s play and I’m still feeling around for them on the floor. 231 more words

The Shakespearean Frustrations or How I Learned to Become More Insightful

By the time I had reached the seventh grade my own personal canon of written works stood as a reminder that I really did not have a clue what I was doing. 1,385 more words


The Folios Are Coming! The Folios Are Coming!

By Michael LoMonico

One week ago, we announced the selected cities for the Traveling Tour of First Folios, and it was immediately posted on Facebook. 610 more words


What is Annotation? [Part One]

At Play On Words, we like to read. We like to write. You know those magnetic poetry kits you can use on your fridge? We got those. 748 more words

What Lies Ahead?

Much A-blog About Nothing has something fun in store soon, but patience is key.

“How poor are they that have not patience!”

This upcoming post is especially special so it will take longer to post than previous ones, but it will be well worth the wait.

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