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Among Other Things (1)

So about a week ago (cue: thumping bass music) I had this awesome idea for a feature. Problem is, I can’t think of a catchy name…until now. 301 more words


셰익스피어 깊이 읽기

션 매커보이(지음), 이종인(옮김), <<셰익스피어 깊이 읽기>>, 작은사람, 2015.

작가는 시대와 그것의 특정한 국면에서 살아간다. 이것들은 작품 속에 배어든다. 작가는 자신이 계수(繼受)한 것과 자신이 새롭게 고안한 것을 지성과 의지로써 결합하여 작품 안에 새겨넣는다. 6 more words


What We're Obsessed With Wednesday: A Shakespeare discussion with Rowena & Helga

This is our first attempt at a dual blog post – edited for length, clarity & grammar by Helga.

Currently, we are both obsessed with Shakespeare’s plays. 2,286 more words

Shakespeare Piece of the Day: As You Like It (04/02/15)

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

As You Like It


SCENE IV. The forest.

Enter HYMEN, ROSALIND., and CEL. 449 more words


National Poetry Month 2015: Day 1, Billy Shakes and a Defense of Poetry

I got into a tiff recently with a friend about my textual purism when it comes it Shakespeare. To reproduce the argument would be tedious: suffice it to say that we disagreed about the consequences of changing Shakespeare’s original text when birthing new incarnations of old works. 958 more words

National Poetry Month

Henry Lawson's "Sweeney" and Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" at Mission Australia

What a fantastic session we had this week with Henry Lawson and Robert Frost. Both these poets display such a deep insight into the human condition but do it in such dramatically different ways. 867 more words