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Author under fire because of pink pussy

Animal rights activists have been criticizing an author after she dyed her cat pink and poisoned it with the toxic hair dye.

pictures of pink pussy here:… 32 more words


Another Battle In the War of the Sons of Light

To listen to the Christians talk, the Battle against Evil has already been won ‘by Jesus’; their only responsibility being to ‘stand back and watch the… 31 more words


A Visual-Acoustic Metaphor of the Vision of the "Son of man"

At one time, there was a video on the Internet entitled “Star Gate Sequence” from 2001—A Space Odyssey—a segment taken directly from the movie itself—of… 31 more words


Someone was eating something while talking to me on the phone.

…And they called me. Unbelievable. I suppose you have to semi admire the insolence of it. ha-ha

( I think it was a mint or similar ) 31 more words


More to your skin than meets the eye

I am going to start a thread that is not comfortable for me.

It’s my hope to spread some knowledge on a seemingly growing issue in our society…. 31 more words


Fucking faggot shit

i was banned from godlikeproductions.com for no reason
fucking faggot fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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