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J-Sherri is a Montana-based band with a unique mix of electronica, R&B and pop. The Missoula Insider said their live show “tries to bring a club-banger-inspired sexuality combined with an electronica-noise-punk sound,” with a strong desire to get people dancing.  11 more words


Wherefore dost thou cam?

Partly because I’m unemployed, and instead of lying around jacking off–why not jack off and get paid for it?

Partly because, why not? Well, there are many reasons why I ought  71 more words


Class of kids

Im taking child development and its time for me to take the fake baby home for the weekend… Let the torture begin :,(


Part 78: Bella & Luke

*New to Luke & Bella?  You can start at The Beginning.*

After T-Nathan left, Bella thought about how she’d miss him and how much she’d enjoyed having him on the road with them.  706 more words


Good lookin', Bunny!

I’ve been all over the place this month I don’t even know what sleep is. For example, I had to be at work at 7 a.m and I woke up at 6:51. 530 more words


The baby daycare

Oh my this baby is getting kn my nerves and it barely started /.\ i was about to eat and the doll started crying i had to feed it for 30 minutes oh my… 22 more words



From my midland

I value what you say

Bend me; the posture

Of my spine

Still intact

In your body

Rocking on

A pit of ultimatums… 17 more words