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There are so many types of identities regarding human sexuality that it can be difficult to know exactly which is which. Here’s a quick and simple video about the differences between gender identity, sexuality, and sex. 17 more words


XXX units of measurement (W, nB, Mb, PMb)

Wanks [W] are the process of stroking at a typical pace (Average is 50 W/min).

Nutbusts are the length of time and energy it takes an average masturbator to bust 1 nut (20 mins). 63 more words


For Those Who Love

For every daughter that sat on the sofa with her mother and said “Brad Pitt looks so handsome” even though she couldn’t get her eyes off Angelina. 188 more words

Straights, a Book Review.

After the Stonewall Riots of 1969 there is no question that the frequency of people coming out of the closet has risen dramatically. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, the LGBT movement has brought up interesting insights that both gays and straights can learn from. 550 more words

James Joseph Dean

From the Necropolis of Gomorrah (7 - Coagulation: (Step 2 b))

The half-made man of me I now destroy!
Unsexed be my mind! damned be that alloy
Of vanity and confusion of right!
Those poisoned memories behind my sight! 61 more words

How Does Destiny Treat Female Characters?

Before I dig into this, I’m going to fire off a few point-form notes.

  • The way female characters, female developers and female gamers are treated today is wrong.
  • 615 more words

#BlackLivesMatter: feminist_puppy

This feminist puppy is all about #equality! I want equality for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, (dis)abilities, identity, etc. All lives matter! I will never forget the tragedy that happened three years ago. 35 more words