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Dating 101 (part 3)

by Randall S. Frederick

So you’re out somewhere and clearly striking out, then call it a night, go home, fire up the laptop, get lost in Buzzfeed and some porn, when the idea strikes you that maybe you should join a dating site because why not, right? 1,376 more words

Randall Frederick

I brought a girl home and now I’m a lesbian.

I don’t know what to label my sexuality as. It’s not really something I want to do at all because there is no perfect box for me to check. 411 more words

God made a little Gentian—It tried—to be a Rose: A love letter to heterocentric Christians

Dear heterocentric persons of faith and good will (which includes most of my dear family of origin):

I want you to know first of all that I can intellectually and compassionately understand both your consternation and some of the vehemence with which you defend doctrines on sexuality and marriage. 1,031 more words

Charles Blow: My Murdered Cousin Had a Name

New York Times — Friday, for me, was a bit surreal. As America was celebrating the victory of marriage equality at the Supreme Court, it was also mourning black people in South Carolina murdered by a white supremacist. 85 more words


Why Christians Think Homosexuality is a Sin

With news of the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage is now a right every American has, Facebook newsfeeds have exploded with rainbow display pictures, and just about every other post seems to be about the news. 1,305 more words


Late Night Thoughts About... #2


I’ve had really strong feelings about gender recently, prompted by Caitlyn Jenner’s amazing and beautiful transformation. It’s not something I often take the time to think about, because I haven’t ever felt too deeply about it, however, it just hit a soft spot recently. 510 more words


Call for participants: girlhood memories of sexual and/or romantic experiences with girls

Hi all,

So I know I have a few posts to write but I’ve just started a research project -that is not related at all to my PhD- on girlhood memories of sexual and/or romantic experiences with girls. 115 more words