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Reclaiming Feminism

Feminism. What exactly is it?

Technically, it’s ‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes,’ according to the Oxford Dictionary. 293 more words


Poldark, Prostitution and Protein World

In recent weeks several public conversations and debates have taken place on subjects that primarily affect women and girls: objectification, body-shaming, the sex trade…the usual suspects. 2,373 more words

Sexual Objectification

POP CULTURE: How to read the feminist cultural explosion

Over the past twelve months, feminism has undoubtedly joined the ranks of 3D movies and the Big Bang of social media as one of the motifs of the 21st century so far. 876 more words


Since its conception, the cat meme has been the zenith of the internet.

It is the King Kong of internet entertainment, scratching its way to the top thanks to the faces of ferociously fabulous felines. 929 more words

You horrible, horrible human being

I’ve just finished playing Lol. It was a horrible game and I really wasn’t at my best. I’ve had a bad day. You know when there are some days when you can’t get absolutely nothing right? 562 more words


I am not a vending machine

Dating queer is hard where I am. As if heteronormativity didn’t make finding other queer women hard enough, I also present like a typical heterosexual woman. 1,005 more words


Objects vs subjects: Are we objectified or eroticized?

Most of you I’m sure are at least familiar with the term “sexual objectification.” It gets thrown around by everyone from separatist feminists to radical Christians, but I feel as though many of us do not have a truly nuanced understanding of what it means, though (nearly) everyone agrees that it is bad. 1,101 more words