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A Note on Objectification (In Video Games, and in General)

I recently read a post titled Game Gals, posted by The Jones Rant. In it, the author discusses the notion of objectification in video games. 3,679 more words

Anita Sarkeesian


The success of MTV in 1980s dramatically increased the popularity of music videos as well as the sexual objectification of women. Most rap and hip-hop music videos at that time featured men surrounded by half-naked and provocatively dressed and dancing women which they called art. 909 more words

SWISH!! - A 21st Century Love Story

I was browsing through Twitter and found this tweet by Kanye to celebrate Kim’s 30 million followers:

This made me wonder what the family dynamic for the Kardashian’s is like. 193 more words

Gender Equality

Sexism 101

I have an ex-boyfriend I argue with about issues of misogyny and sexism. He says something sexist, I call him out on it, he defends it, we argue. 1,247 more words


Object Orientation

I’ve been playing around with the Source Filmmaker animation tool a bit; it’s a strange experience. We spend so much time crafting illusory people, characters constructed piece by piece out of textures and polygons and recorded lines of dialogue, and at the best of times we are genuinely emotionally affected by the experience. 2,156 more words

Problem Machine

My Minestrone

There are a some big differences between the human body, and food.

That said, the “dating scene” is also sometimes referred to as a “meat market”, and sexual objectification of both genders is rife, so… I think the parallel I’m about to draw is warranted. 584 more words


Sexual Objectification (And Why It’s Not Always a Bad Thing)

We’ve all heard the term, and usually “sexual objectification” is not generally thought of as a good thing, and most of the time, I don’t think it’s a good thing. 510 more words