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Is Sexual Objectification a Real Thing?

I’m not convinced that the sexual objectification of women in our society is as real or prevalent as many believe. The documentary Missrepresentation studies the disproportional rates of cutting, eating disorders, political representation, and leadership roles among women in society—the documentary does not clearly discuss or define the concept of “woman,” and does not show the rates for men—and juxtaposes the numbers with the wistful ramblings about popular culture such as movies, TV shows, magazines, and advertisements. 3,009 more words


Sexual objectification in the media needs to stop

Vivian Englund - Copy Editor 

Sexual objectification can be defined as looking at people specifically as de-humanized “things” used solely for sexual pleasure. In dehumanization the people viewed as sex objects are seen to lack personality or any intellectual depth whatsoever. 497 more words


women are humans too

Dear men who look at me when I’m wearing yoga pants and leggings (and dresses/shirts/sweaters/coats/ski pants…)

I know that I am but a sub-man, a mere woman. 360 more words

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Tackling the objectification of women is a toughy.  I can picture the eyes of millions rolling in unison at the sound of someone simply uttering ‘objectification’ and ‘women’ in the same sentence. 812 more words

Of gaming, boob armour, and smutty 13th century French fabliaux

(Content note: almost definitely NSFW)

A bit of a silly, non-political post for the weekend!

This article on designing better women in computer games hit a bunch of my favourite topics at once: 1,125 more words

Sex And Gender

jessica rabbit is literally a sex symbol though she can't be asexual?





she is in romo with a rabbit because he makes her laugh and aside from using her looks to get things out of people she literally never once shows interest in anything or anyone sexually through the entire movie and is clearly appalled when anyone makes advances towards her like there is canonical evidence that jessica rabbit from the classic motion picture 

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Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter

If you want to understand the confusing power that is female sexuality and beauty read Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter. The books is a grimy hard ride through trailer park poverty. 1,013 more words