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Cool Organizations: Cosmo Harms Minors

I feel like I’m personally attacking people. I know two of my closest friends read the magazine, although one glance at the cover turns me off. 201 more words

Great Organizations

Modesty Discourse, Women, and Bodily Entitlement

Dear fellow Muslims,

I am TIRED. Tired, tired, tired. Actually, sick and tired, of the modesty discourse within our Muslim communities. Like, very effing tired of it. 1,402 more words

Muslim Women

Cover Yourself

Sexual objectification has become one of the most talked about issue these days. I for one spend too much time on the internet to notice that girls do wear lesser clothes. 495 more words


Women are Precious Program

Women are Precious program
Presented by The Simply Love Project
As women we are naturally precious and our self-worth does not come from the outside of us. 327 more words


Poldark, Prostitution and Protein World

In recent weeks several public conversations and debates have taken place on subjects that primarily affect women and girls: objectification, body-shaming, the sex trade…the usual suspects. 2,373 more words

Sexual Objectification

POP CULTURE: How to read the feminist cultural explosion

Over the past twelve months, feminism has undoubtedly joined the ranks of 3D movies and the Big Bang of social media as one of the motifs of the 21st century so far. 876 more words


Since its conception, the cat meme has been the zenith of the internet.

It is the King Kong of internet entertainment, scratching its way to the top thanks to the faces of ferociously fabulous felines. 927 more words