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Seven Skeletons and how God is Misunderstood - Skeleton 5 The Misogynist

As a feminist, one issue brought up frequently to me by others, particularly skeptics is the misogynistic God of the Bible.  They can’t wrap their heads around a Christian feminist, even less so than they can wrap their heads around a strong passion for science and the God of the Bible. 1,633 more words


Self-righteous internet goons are calling one of America's top female scientists sexist

The internet came down like a ton of bricks yesterday on Alice Huang. The 76-year-old microbiologist and virologist has been a Harvard Medical School professor, New York University dean of sciences, and president of both the American Society for Microbiology and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 1,103 more words

Our Society Has Transformed into a Society of Discrimination

Our society is filled with discrimination.  Discrimination that’s both legal, and endorsed by law.  From companies actively seeking foreign workers so as to tick anti-discrimination boxes, to… 698 more words

Robert Soane

Gay Marriage - a Win-Win

“This government is dumb as shit. This is America, you should be able to marry a rock if you want to.”  -Ice T.

Legalized gay marriage is a double win. 84 more words


West Des Moines Police Chief, City Named Defendants in Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The city of West Des Moines and its Police Chief are facing a sexual discrimination lawsuit.

The lawsuit, which was filed Monday, claims Chief Shaun LaDue discriminated against female employees that worked for the police department and despite their complaints to HR and the city manager, the city did not investigate them properly or offer solutions. 115 more words


That F*%£ing F Word!!!


So there’s that f*#%ing F Word debate again. Here’s my considered stance.

I know it sort of alienates some people. I know it can be emotive. 420 more words

Brianne J. Gorod: Is John Roberts Drifting Left?

New Republic — This has been a week of surprises from Chief Justice John Roberts. Wednesday he joined the Court’s more liberal members in a 5-4 decision in a significant First Amendment case. 131 more words