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Sleeping woman, red chalk drawing

I imagine two people making love they’re like gingerbread men they stick at the hinges chocolate chips melt they become like biscuits soaked in syrup or like dry bread chips melting in sacred wine… 237 more words


Pheromones: The open secret.

A pheromone is a chemical an animal produces which changes the behavior of another animal of the same species (animals include insects).

Some describe pheromones as behavior-altering agents. 276 more words


I Want to Have Sex Like... a prologue

One of the biggest questions I had about demisexuality: how do you achieve sexual satisfaction? Do you wait until you’re deeply in love?

Labeling myself demisexual didn’t mean I didn’t want to have sex, or that there was a stop to some sort of pretense. 51 more words


Sexual Orientation: Heterodemisexual

Sexuality is commonly misunderstood as being an on-off switch. By which I mean that a lot of people ask, “Are you gay or straight?” and there is little room for subtlety and other categories, such as bisexuality, or the fact that the level to which you’re attracted to one gender might be independent from the level to which you’re attracted to the other, or the fact that gender isn’t binary either: people can be intersex, transgender or other. 290 more words



With writing (in this case, updating BBM pms every fucking minute. I don’t tweet) I’m able to take note of my thought process. My mind runs like a Jackson Pollock painting process… Layers on layers on layers… spontaneous splashes of ideas. 2,156 more words


My Sexuality, Today

The best part of growing up now, especially as a woman? It is alright to have whatever life you want, as long as it does more good than harm, and we grow up with parents who live like that too. 1,133 more words


My Sexuality, a History

Demisexual isn’t a common label, or one that you adopt out of the blue. For me, and in the handful of stories I’ve read, it was an act of recognition, a satisfaction of finding a label for symptoms of a sexuality that wasn’t entirely normal. 1,124 more words