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For the Love of Cuddles..

Beyond the stresses I’ve been having at work (read my previous post HERE), I’ve been feeling a bit stressed in my personal life.

Well, maybe stressed isn’t the right word.  652 more words


A Straight Gay Relationship

Yes, you read that right. I am talking about non-sexual relationships between gay men and lesbians as a practical option for Side B celibate gay Christians. 2,150 more words

Gay And Lesbian Issues

A Re-enactment or How Transference is a B**** Part II

This is the second part of a two part series, part one can be found here.

So I showed for the next session, prepared to tackle the topic again. 1,799 more words


Blowies & Beer Bellies

In Sydney loads of dicks and fannies, love their craft beers. They like to sit ’round and inhale them. In this beautiful country it is traditional to comment on women who put on weight but the guys don’t get that much attention (despite the exponential rise in metero-sexuals and 24 hour gyms). 435 more words


Breasts, Buttocks and Valentines

Breasts, Buttocks and Valentines

The evolution of human sexuality is complex as well as mysterious. In fact the general pervasiveness of binary sex in both the animal as well as the plant world is poorly understood. 2,518 more words


What Buzzfeed has to say about Hair

How do we feel about the way hair is portrayed, explained, or fetishized in the media? What stakes does Buzzfeed, for example, have in entering the discussion on hair? 19 more words