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It's different now

I imagine him sitting there looking out the window at the top of the cell the only blue sky he can see in that window. Concrete walls surround him. 49 more words

Yay or Yuk?

Heads up that this post is going to be all about sex, baby. Trigger warnings all round – sorry, but I need to get this out. 1,481 more words

Identifying Sexual Assault

Sexual assault by an intimate partner is a particularly heinous form of abuse made worse by the common assertion that this sort of assault is not possible. 411 more words

Domestic Violence

Believe the Girl

The girl didn’t say anything about what happened at the airport. She didn’t say anything about anything for that matter. But she wasn’t smiling and she cut off her pretty hair. 6 more words

Sexual Abuse

They used to call it rape

They used to call it rape, back in the day. For one brief, shining moment, we thought we knew what rape was, if not how to stop it. 1,564 more words



Chapter Two

Pastor Divine Ewor was a suave fellow. Deeply loved by his large congregation, he wore his beards in a neat half-moon, with full intricately lined sideburns. 754 more words


Craigslist, Morals, and Ethics, Oh My

Warning: Even though this post has been censored, it contains extremely vulgar language and is very graphic in sexual nature.

I decided to post an ad on Craigslist looking for a “hook up”. 1,724 more words