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How the Purity Movement Causes Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

Fear and Shame are the elements children experience when they are told their feelings for intimacy and connection, including their sexual curiosities and desires, are bad and wrong, a sin, not of God, disappointing to those they love, and place their future in jeopardy. 35 more words

Rape Culture Is Real

Rape culture teaches young men that sexual jokes and uninvited sexual touch are normal and desired, and it teaches young girls that silence or compliance is their role. 10 more words

Protests both serious and zany

Fifty Shades.  It played in New York.  New Yorkers were not happy.  New Yorkers voiced their displeasure.

This person was pretty blunt.  Note the Post-it with “Ha!” 139 more words

Fly Away

In silent

Night sanctuary

Birds flutter

As I plead

Help me escape my cage too

Before he comes home.

Written as a shadorma for Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge # 54… 15 more words


B.C. judge dismisses sexual abuse lawsuit against John Furlong

VANCOUVER — A B.C. Supreme Court judge has dismissed a third sexual abuse lawsuit against former Olympics CEO John Furlong.

The decision ends a series of civil actions brought against Furlong related to his time as a teacher at a Roman Catholic school in northern B.C. 484 more words


The FBI Is Classifying Animal Abuse As A Top-Tier Felony To Stop It Once And For All

“The policy change is an effort to prosecute more animal abusers, landing them in jail and setting an example. Animal abuse is not simply a minor crime.” 210 more words