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How to fix yourself

Stop trying to fix yourself. And relax, have sex, take a bath, eat lobster, get a hotel, dip everything in chocolate, run on sand, tan in the sun, swim in the waves. 179 more words

Playing Abuse Up

Just last night I read an article about Mary Kay LeTourneau, a formal schoolteacher that pleaded guilty to not just one but two counts of sexual abuse. 285 more words

Sexual Abuse

Brass keys and finding me

Last week, Thursday’s session. It was one of those sessions that I barely remember, but feels like a turning point. We talked about a lot of things, maybe the most important the idea of telling hubby more about my past. 2,256 more words


Therapy Homework: Disgust and Vulnerability

Therapy Tuesday has come and gone.  It was my longest session yet.  Almost a full two hours.  I don’t know why he lets them go on for so long.   993 more words



I haven’t had one of those crazy bad flashbacks since Monday and I’m very grateful for this.

Don’t let your fear of the past affect the outlook of your future.

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Sexual Abuse

So Alone

It’s official, my hubby cancelled his surgery. Now we are going through all the other options and have all new consultations and doctors, etc. This has been an almost good thing and he is doing better emotionally after having made the decision against the surgery. 297 more words

Sexual Abuse

Are you okay?

Trigger warning for talk about sex, touching and mention of childhood sexual abuse. Please be careful, and take care of yourself.

I’m curled on my side, facing away from hubby. 1,046 more words