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A Palace Built for God

“Girls, don’t you think our church is just dreadful?”

That’s the question Claire Benedict asked the students in her music class at Mrs. Foster’s academy. As the new music teacher in town, Claire was appalled when she saw the condition of the church for the first time. 667 more words

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Cat out of the Bag 2.5

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“This keeps getting worse.”

I took Gordon’s statement to be a thought about our errant reverend Mauer and the riot.  Then I caught a glimpse of the Academy, a considerable distance down the road. 4,462 more words


Throng of Thrips

  Throng of Thrips

The grass is green,
but I’m no fool.

It takes rain, bleeding
grey, for growth.

We all need water,
but I thirst for more. 125 more words


How to Write Poetry

By Phil James with contributions from Alessia Iani, Nathaniel Leblanc and Nicola Atkinson 9,661 more words


Just because the 6 Nations is over doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving rugby or Ireland.