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From our Readers: Sexton wrecks in Italy

A Tank and AFV News reader from Italy has submitted some interesting pictures of some Sexton SPGs used as range targets in Italy.  These vehicles differ from standard Sexton SPGs in that they were re-armed with the 105mm Obice da 105/22 gun (but still retaining the original 25 pounder gun recoil system.)  These two wrecks are located at Cape Teulada, at the Italian Army training range.   116 more words


Tim and Others.

Steve, Tim, Lora (who is that?), Denise, and a piece of Mrs. Meaige (?).

Tim and Unknown.

Tim, Patsy, and Rodney.

Tim, Patsy, and Rodney. 16 more words

Felicia Sexton and Others.

Denise holding Felicia. Felicia is the daughter of Denise and Rod (?). Denise is the daughter of Denny and Marie. Denny is the son of Dennis and Muriel. 46 more words

Denny Spires and Others

Cindy Spires, Denny Spires, Steve Spires, Felicia Sexton, and Denise Sexton. Felicia is Denny’s granddaughter. She’s the daughter of Denise. Cindy, Steve, and Denise are Denny’s children. 31 more words

4. Time stewardship

What could you accomplish with a gift of 900 hours? Save just 30 minutes of wasted time a day, and that’s what you’ll have in five years.

129 more words

Pride Pumped In Her Like Poison

An Acrostic Poem

Pride pushed her from their puzzle heart

Pumped balloons full of fear and air and taped them to her veins because their kaleidoscope love was too heavy… 62 more words


Maxine Kumin: And Short the Season

Maxine Kumin. And Short the Season. WW Norton & Co, 2014. 24.95. Call or visit us to purchase.

Maxine Kumin’s death, a year ago this month, was a loss felt deeply by the poetry community. 648 more words