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15-04-21 The Subway And The Golden Shoes

True? False?

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
Marilyn Monroe

BS? Kernel of Wisdom?

Even on the subway?


MSNBC Suggests Merely TALKING About Hillary is Sexist

Invocations of the Prophet Clinton treated the same as depictions of Muhammad

by Paul Joseph Watson | April 21, 2015


In a similar way to how depictions of Muhammad are seen as “offensive,” MSNBC has suggested that mere mention of the Prophet Hillary (peace be upon her) is a sexist slur. 320 more words


'What an imbecile': Politico cartoonist's 'baffling' take on Hillary's POTUS run [photo]

According to this cartoon from Politico’s Matt Wuerker, Obama was busy being a sexist. Or maybe not, because he’s a Democrat.

Anyway, just take a look: 307 more words

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A college-aged male walked by me with his friends and said to one of them, “You’re just being a pussy.” I didn’t even look up from my work and called out, “Don’t say that word. 15 more words

What You Sound Like When You Perpetuate Rape Culture

For some reason, rape culture is still a thing in America (it should NEVER have been thing in the first place). There are many people trying to combat it, but yet there are those nay-“nothing’s wrong with society”-sayers. 184 more words


The cost of a costume party

For this weeks column in The Observer I talked about offensive costume parties, particularly ones that encourage a gender binary or culturally appropriate. Degrading, distasteful costume parties that perpetuate harmful stereotypes should be taken more seriously than “college kids being college kids” because: 66 more words

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Happy Friday! Last Friday Here! "The Police Didn't Do Anything For Me!"

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!
This is the last Happy Days on this blog! For more after this post you’ll need to go to lllranting.com… 173 more words

Happy Days