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Loathsome, leering old fools still run FIFA

How else can you explain this feature, which ran on FIFA’s website Tuesday as a preview to the USA-Germany match?

It’s a profile of Alex Morgan. 1,054 more words

2015 World Cup

Avengers: Age of Ultron- Sexist or in Need of an Editor?

ReelTalker: Welcome to ReelTalk’s first discussion post! My group of friends and I are pretty big fans of the Marvel films, and this has led to many a conversation about the characters, movies and overall quality of the series. 1,086 more words

Age Of Ultron

The Scourge of the XX Chromosome

I originally wrote this ENTIRELY SATIRICAL AND SARCASTIC article for the my high school paper in 2007, and it was perhaps the LEAST controversial article I ever wrote. 647 more words


Fitness challenge fail

My gym usually posts a fitness challenge every month. Up until now these fit challenges have typically taken the form of a one size fits all list of exercises to be done as quick as possible. 360 more words

No "girl" Pushups Here

Just Stuff About Being A Girl

Being a girl is tough. Don’t take that as a joke but according to me being a girl (or woman) means that no matter what you are doing, who you are with, or where you are people(including other females) will judge you. 320 more words


What Would Happen If Political Correctness Went 'Sane'?

‘Political correctness gone mad’ is a phrase thrown around a lot in casual conversation or inevitably social media. Appearing more and more frequently, it’s twice as annoying as lol, totes and amaze balls combined. 574 more words