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There's Soccer, And Then There's Women's Soccer

If you know anything about FIFA, you weren’t surprised by the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, and IRS’ joint indictment of nine FIFA executives and five others on bribery and other charges. 479 more words

Still in the Funk

And it’s not even Funky Town funk. Instead of writing another sad rant (frankly nothing has changed since the last one) I’m going to share some stuff I’ve found, while trying to forget the pain in my soul. 731 more words

Mental Health

No. I don't hate men

One of the silliest arguments I read on the internet is that all feminists hate men. Really, they, or rather, we, do.

This is on a par with all feminists are hairy ugly lesbians, it is so ridiculous. 1,609 more words


Hope I'm not patronising or Sexism vs Feminism

Warning, this is quite the mind dump.
I have been brought up to believe in equality and fairness, to judge people by there actions not their genetics. 750 more words

I Don't Think Age Differences in Media are Always Sexist

You know how sometimes when you’re surfing the net, you come across random articles about random stuff that you know are a waste of time to read, but sometimes you read them anyway? 1,397 more words

My Top 10 Feminist Songs

Amy Hills-Fletcher

I was scrolling through my iTunes library trying to have a bit of a music purge and I really started to notice how much of my music is by men. 1,123 more words