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Sexism in Comics

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about sexism in the comics industry. The comments tend to specifically attack two things: the lack of relatable female superheroes and the oversexualized manner in which the existing female superheroes are drawn.  1,702 more words


Smile, you're beautiful.

The idea of everyone being beautiful is a kind one. Photos circulate through my facebook feed of inspirational messages written in dry erase markers on bathroom mirrors, and white letters against a backdrop of spring flowers or soft cloud formations on encouraging placards… 525 more words


The Butterfly Empowerment


Feminism has reached the extremes in a changed society where women have finally been given more importance than men, through a relentless movement known as the Butterfly Empowerment. 159 more words

Story Ideas

Lets talk feminism - NOT. I am done.

A polemical pamphlet

Among the women in my peer group, one particular aspect of the feminist debate is constantly discussed: the compatibility of having a career while at the same time maintaining a family and raising children. 797 more words

F*ck It

Yoga and sexism in the 1970s

Back in the 70s, my mother became a bit of yoga nut. She did classes, she wore leotards, she bought books. She yogied with the best of them. 1,410 more words

Ranting Whimsical