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The joke is on me

OR – Just because you DON’T believe they are after you, doesn’t mean they aren’t.

How would you feel if you’d reached retirement age only to discover you’d been played for a fool your whole life through? 1,218 more words

Man-Bashing Won't Fight Our Cause

Since I’ve engaged myself more proactively in feminism, my involvement has opened my eyes not only to where women sit in society today, but also where men fit in. 871 more words

Midlife Observations

Tori Amos and Cloud On My Tongue Get Borked. Twice.

We’re just not going to stop the music tonight. DJ in the sky insists on TORI STORIES

This song was one of two that opened the world of the piano up to me once I just went there, albeit with the help of some great herbal help… at first. 50 more words



So the other day, a customer at work told me that my hair was too short, especially as I am a Chinese woman.

He is a regular customer, familiar enough to walk behind the bar and grab his own beer out of the fridge.   765 more words

Sorry MEN, You Are ALL Sexists (This Time I’m Serious)

Note: This is a pared-down version of a humorous op-ed of mine on Glossynews.com (that is, a version with meme graphics removed).



*** 1,016 more words

Why Men Are More Narcissistic Than Women

If there’s one thing you can say for craziness, it’s that it’s not sexist. Across entire populations, males and females face a pretty equal lifetime risk of coming unhinged. 505 more words