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A Message For The Haters

To the white people burning down black churches, to the people refusing to serve, marry or acknowledge gay people, to men hating women and women hating women and women hating men and men hating men, to anyone who hates because they’re too afraid to simply accept what is: grow the fuck up. 153 more words


The Dissonance Of Things #1: Sexism in Academia

Broadcasting from the bowels of disorder, The Dissonance of Things is a new monthly podcast bringing you interviews, discussions and programmes on international relations, political theory, radical and subaltern politics, cultural analysis, and the academy (ivory and otherwise). 263 more words


Why You Should Date a Girl Who Drinks... At all? Or Doesn't? Unless She Doesn't Drink Water, That's Just Weird Because We Need It To Live.

I saw a post the other day featuring a very beautiful picture of Mila Kunis, and it was entitled 8 Reasons Why You Should Always Date The Girl Who Drinks Whiskey. 787 more words

The Man

There are two sexist men.

The Man who is the obviously kind. So blatant that even he is probably aware of it. He is The Man that winks at me when I am standing at a bus stop in a skirt. 908 more words


Friday Fictioneers: Color It a Man's World

I’m not keeping up with Friday Fictioneers lately; way too much on my plate. But what a fun photo this week, from Jean L. Hays! Check out Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog for more details, then join this highly addictive weekly challenge. 191 more words

Tales From The Motherland

The Connections between SJW-ism and Post-Modern Art #GamerGate

(Source: Fountain, by Marcel Duchamp, Year 1917)

Above is the sculpture Fountain created by Frenchman Marcel Duchamp in 1917.  Objectively it is a urinal but Duchamp challenged preconceptions of what art is with this sclupture. 975 more words