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He's seeing me two nights in a row! 

I don’t wanna jinx myself by blogging this but Lewis came over last night (the sex was pretty amazing!!!!) and he’s just texted asking if he can come over again!! 23 more words

Are You Going through a Sex Dry Spell?

Did you know that the lack of sex can actually affect your body?!  This is very true, and even Victoria’s Secret models go through dry spells.   638 more words

Breaking Leila, Breaking Joseph, Lucy V Morgan

another couple of older books today – I love both of these, dark romance, with some fabulous characters.

Breaking Leila (Knives & Flowers Book 1) 477 more words


Male entitlement 

I wrote this a few weeks ago but I feel as though I need to put it out there, I know it’s quite heavy and for that I’m sorry but I feel as though it needs to be read!! 350 more words


Fight Club for Dragonflies

Nature is full of what seems odd and peculiar to cultured human beings. Take dragonflies. Remember that every living thing seeks – in whatever way it is programmed to behave – to reproduce. 439 more words


New Version, Same Great Story

Like I explained before, I would be making changes to better my writing career. I decided to change publishers, so here is my first book ever published with a new cover! 181 more words


Hot Independent Escorts Dubai.

Escort business is one of the oldest businesses in the world. But today, its face has changed completely. It is no more as dirty as it is used to be. 274 more words