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Same Sex Wedding Planner in New Zealand

Australian Gay and lesbian couples who are really don’t want to wait any more for government to legalized same sex marriage in Australia. We have a good news for you. 82 more words

20 ways men ruin a perfectly good blow job for everyone involved

Yes, it’s time to talk blow jobs.

You’d think, as they reputedly like them so much, men would do everything within their power to make blow jobs as enjoyable as possible for women. 805 more words


The Thirst

Ash and Bones

Unfortunately, I possess an affinity for pornography. In my youth, it was my favorite addiction, almost to a paralyzing point. I remember the first adult film I ever watched over at Jake’s house. 176 more words

Lit Gems

One Year , We Made It

On February 28th 2015 we marked our one year marriage anniversary. Being young and married in today’s society is different than it was years ago, especially with social media playing a major role. 97 more words


Pt. 1 What are you waiting for?

Making coffee at 2 am and waking up to see her sleeping in his bedroom was the highlight of his day.. He didn’t think he would ever get her, but he did and… 115 more words

Late Nights

Day self-will run riot

Again, disappointment.

I cannot keep promises to my Self.

Who I think I am, who I am, and who I want to be are not aligned. 184 more words


The history of making fun of people

So piggy backing on the whole dweeb thing, that could of had its roots in west coast college people making fun of ivy league east coasters…in the big band era…you could call people “two tone” and the jolly men laughed with you, calling people animal names and then making that animal sound, real old school

That’s all I got.