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Fun with Jose

Thanks to our blog, Hope has her choice of flirtatious fun with guys via email.  Here’s a fantasy of what happened with one of them.  I’ll begin with the truthful  account and then let you know where the fact becomes fiction. 1,389 more words



To progress this blog to present time I figured I’d fill you in on “Jered”.

Jered isn’t his real name, but by looking at my header and tagline i’m sure you can take an educated guess as to why i’m not using his real name…nor mine. 906 more words


I Am a Rotten Fruit

So appealing at first glance
You’re admiring my supple pink skin
Too distracted by sweetness to notice
The quiet alcoholic tang of my fermentation
But halfway through… 51 more words


5 Big Reasons Why I Love Being Single

1. No kitchen-sinking. When I was in a long-term relationship, my ex had a tendency to blow up everything she disliked about me when we got into a heated argument. 1,682 more words


Wait, you’re telling me you’re a student without any student loans?

Wait, you’re telling me you’re a really attractive guy and are saving sex for marriage? 126 more words


Taking over...

He’s had his way for a while now, giving me instructions and making me wait for a release and then it was my turn…

Just before the weekend he let me take over. 157 more words